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where to eat tonight... westside?

Looking for a yummy inexpensive place that serves alcohol and won't have a long wait. Santa Monica/Venice/west LA area. Gilbert's would be great, but we went there last night. Is there no good BBQ around? Good burgers would be nice, but no where overrated (like The Counter). We are a party of 6 (3 kids).
Thank you!

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  1. What is your idea of "inexpensive"?

    The only BBQ I can think of on the Westside is Baby Blues, on Lincoln in Venice. Note, it is North Carolina cue, not Texas or St Louis style. They use dry rubs and no sauce, but sauce is available on the side. They have a couple different ones, IIRC. And burgers are not their strong suit, if they are still on the menu......

    Bludso's just opened in the former Tar Pit location, but not on the Westside, in mid city.

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      Entrees from $8-14.

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        I keep hearing Baby Blues is no good. Thinking about making the trek to Hogly Wogly's.

      2. Plan Check on Sawtelle has great burgers, great bar, and if you stick to burgers, sandwiches or the smokey fried chicken dinner, you will stay under $14. But it does get crowded as its quite popular. But it serves all day, so if you go early enough, you may avoid the crowds.


        1. How is Father's office in CC?

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            it's a bar
            not geared to kids
            will not alter any menu item whatsoever.
            they don't serve ketchup with their hamburgers

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              Father's Office is more than "not geared for kids" as it does not allow anyone under the age of 21 to enter.

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                Really? I thought the CC location might allow kids. Thanks for the heads up...

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                  From their website:

                  "You must be at least 21 years of age with a valid identification to enter Father's Office."

          2. <<that won't have a long wait>>
            if by that you mean that you will be able to make reservations to avoid a potential wait, you might consider 26 Beach restaurant.
            they serve burgers with fries for about $14.
            wine, iirc, about $10 glass.
            should be mentioned, though, that if you order from the "entree" part of their menu, you will be over budget.

            1. Okay, thanks for all the recs! We're starving and have decided to go to Honey's Kettle!

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                Okay, thanks for all the recs! We're starving and have decided to go to Honey's Kettle!

                You obviously went with the majority vote. Obviously.