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Apr 7, 2013 02:16 PM

Sweet Smoke in Oakville

Sad news. Sweet Smoke has closed. We have lost a culinary treasure here in Oakville. Does anyone know why he closed or if he will be opening elsewhere.

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  1. That's too bad really. I would have visited more often but it was just too far away from where I lived:(

    1. boo :(
      That is so unfortunate. We used to go frequently when we loved west: We moved about 2 years ago and never make it out that way anymore

      1. Not sure of the details behind the closing but whenever I was there it wasn't super busy. I am wondering if the location had a big influence on that? The food quality was good and for the Oakville market it was in range. I imagine if it was downtown and was more "hip" it would have gotten plenty of more business. When I see a place like The Works being jammed all of the time downtown Oakville it makes me wonder what really makes a restaurant prosper and what causes one to fail.

        Hoping we get another decent BBQ place down the road in Oakville

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        1. re: ylsf

          The few times we went there they weren't very busy either and it's hard to pay rent, taxes, and people on mostly lunch business.

          Also, we increasingly seem to be over-served with mediocre restaurants that skim off enough business to prevent many of the good ones from really succeeding.

          However, we were at little Mondello in Streetsville Saturday night and they were packed and turning parties away at the door all night. Through hard work and a strong customer focus over the past year they have significantly turned that place around and earned such a favourable response.

        2. Isn't there another BBQ place in Oakville called "The Big Smoke"? How does it compare?

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          1. re: Brain of J

            The Big Smoke closed a year ago and is not replaced by a Wild Wing. I'm sorry but The Big Smoke was really not in the same class as Sweet Smoke. I went once, but the flies in the restaurant were terrible.
            Sweet Smoke had a fabulous chef and the food was consistantly good.

            1. re: mairbren

              Thanks for the info. Yup, I agree, Sweet Smoke was very good. Wish I could have visited more often.