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Apr 7, 2013 02:11 PM

Asian or Mid East "fast food" near LAX?

A quick search didn't turn up anything so, feel free to point me to good threads .... ;-)

I'm headed to Oxnard tomorrow (sorry for the short notice, short for me too). I expect to exit the car rental lot ~1PM on Monday and need to be in Oxnard ~3PM. I'm hoping drive time isn't too bad.

I saw a Food TV show a while back that talked about Asian and Mid East fast food businesses that were expanding into the USA. Can anyone recommend a good choice near LAX?

Meat on a stick, good noodles, raw fish, etc.? I'm pretty open to suggestions but, it needs to be a quick stop!


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  1. For Middle Eastern, Playa's Pita is very good - it is in Playa Del Rey. Drive north from the airport on Highway 1 to Manchester, west until it ends at Pershing. Playa's Pita is on the southwest corner. They make excellent felafels, their own soujuk sausages, and the best fool medames I have had in LA. It's about ten minutes from the airport.

    There used to be a good little Middle Eastern place in Culver City just off Sepulveda on a side street - can anybody remember the name?

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    1. re: FoodObsessive

      playa's pita will be fast.
      they will give you your pita bread cold in a plastic bag.
      their fool madames will have chickpeas in it.

      personally, i'd probably take a total flyer and try Gaby's Mediteranean Express at 3216 W Washington Blvd Marina del Rey, CA 90292
      (310) 823-7299
      before i'd go to playa's pita.
      i'm basing this on the fact that when i had the fool at their sister restaurant closer to the pier, it wasn't half bad. hopefully they will rise to to the level of their sister restaurant.

      re: the other middle eastern place, if you are thinking of the one on sawtelle near sepulveda, i respectfully disagree with your recommendation because, imho, it is far below being even modestly chowish..

      1. re: westsidegal

        I know the one on Sawtelle, and that's not the one - I'll have to drive by and see if it's still there.

    2. Not fast food but Al Noor in Lawndale is wonderful. Love their garlic naan.

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        Al Noor is excellent but slow, and its in the wrong direction...

      2. Dahab is a little egyptian restaurant on Sepulveda just off the Santa Monica Boulevard offramp. My favorite dishes there are the eggs with basturma, the foul, the hummus and the chicken kebab. It is clean and friendly, with arabic music tv adding some atmosphere. It is my husband's office's favorite lunch spot.
        Dahab is not fast food and you may not have more than half an hour for lunch, so check traffic before committing.
        BTW, in case you are in Oxnard past your meeting you might try

        Pho Saigon
        826 N Ventura Rd
        Port Hueneme, CA 93041
        (805) 240-9334