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Apr 7, 2013 02:01 PM

Another San Diego Pizza Question, Not LI Specific

Just watched (and enjoyed) a rerun of a Huell Howser trip to Las Vegas Pizza Industry convention where he interviewed several attendees.

The first guy has a shop in LA and he is old school. The dough is rolled by hand, pressed out by hand.

Then, Huell interviewed some people selling dough-mixing machines, dough-pressing instruments similar to tortilla presses, all the automation you can imagine.

Almost no judgement was passed. The made-by-hand-all-the-way guy said that you can taste the difference, but he agreed that the cost savings made for more affordable pizza for people.

Does any pie shop in San Diego roll it out old style - handmade from start to finish?

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  1. WOW!!!

    Louie, can you get a shot of this?

    (RIP Huell)

    Bruno's (not in Little Italy) makes theirs starting with flour they import from Italy. That'd be big Italy.

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    1. re: Fake Name

      Bruno's is great and probably the best Neapolitan pizza in town. You can get your pizza with the real deal Italian made water buffalo mozzarella cheese and even the brick oven was made in Italy while the owner went through the course in Naples which makes someone a certified Neapolitan pizza chef according to the Italian government.

      BTW I'm willing to be that virtually all the non-chain pizza places around here still do hand rolled pizza crust though most of them likely use a machine to mix the doe. I have no idea who hand kneads the doe.

      1. re: oerdin

        " I have no idea who hand kneads the doe."

        Doubtless, some lucky buck.