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Apr 7, 2013 01:49 PM

Monday lunch in Verona (plus more)

Hi all!

We are six guys visiting Verona/Veneto in a couple of weeks (a Friday-Monday long weekend) on a wine/food trip.

We have most of our meals planned, but would appreciate recommendations for Monday lunch. Looking for a place with a set meny option (though not important) and good local wine selection (which I guess applies to any recommended restaurant in the region). Willing to travel a little bit but not too far as we need to catch a 16:55 flight from Verona (VRN). Rural or urban setting doesn't matter, but not too formal (i.e dress code).

A couple of options I have checked out are (closed as far as I can tell)
dal pescatore

The hotel concierge has recommended the following (in general, not necessarily for lunch):
Trattoria “Alla Coà”
Ristorante “Groto de Corgnan” (closed
)Ristorante “Tre Marchetti”
Ristorane “Osteria Ponte Pietra” (this is the one I am leaning towards atm


In another thread ( I have found mentioned
Al Pompiere
Al Duomo (not sure how downscale this place it; the mentioned thread says not to go to the bathroom?!


Our other reservations (comments welcome!) are for:
Friday dinner @ atelier at the Villa Amista (where we are staying - and probably to only convenient option given a late arrival)
Saturday dinner @ la fontanina
Saturday lunchtime we have no concrete plans and will be wandering around Verona city centre (probably stopping by Bottega del Vino at least)
Sunday we are planning on visiting one or two wineries:
“Masi Agricola”-
Azienda Agricola Quintarelli -


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  1. Hey, the Al Duomo bathroom comment was me. It's delicious but very very casual, and I get the impression you may want something a little more upscale? I don't recall Al Duomo having a very extensive wine list, just a house wine, Valpolicella, Ripasso, Superiore and Amarone on a board on the wall. I may have just forgotten the wine list though - its Pignataro wineblog approved:

    We didn't have the best of luck with the mid and higher end places in Verona, but Al Duomo was just right for what it is. The other place is town that might be worth a look (though I am not sure if they do lunch), was Al Pompiere for their cured meats (maybe I also suggested that one before). We went to Tre Marchetti as well (at lunch) and the food was all fine, some of it rather nice, but I think very overpriced due to the location.

    I recently saw the guy from Sauce in NY posted some pix of meals recently had in Verona on their food blog if that provides any inspiration.

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      I should also say, if you're all guys, the bathroom at Al Duomo will be no big deal.

    2. Here is a list of some of my favorite places in Verona (not sure which are open for monday lunch)

      Pasticceria Barini: best coffee in the world, accompanied by amazing pastries
      Pasticceria Castelvecchio: more great pastries, but the confections are where it's at here - try the candied citron (cedro) and orange - out of this world!
      Osteria Al Carro Armato: typical Veronese
      Osteria dal Cavaliere: great for aperitivo or lunch - be forewarned, service it slooow
      Ristorante al Calmiere: go here for bollito - a must!
      Trattoria Giulietta e Romeo: obviously touristy, yes, but the food is really good!
      Le Cantine de L'Arena: meat, meat and more meat!
      Ristorante Giovanni Rana: excellent antipasti and pasta dishes, main courses are skippable (i usually order 2-3 types of pasta to sample).

      1. For a traditional Bollito Misto, La greppia is still good. Lunch as well as dinner.

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        1. re: ospreycove

          We enjoyed lunch at Bollito Misto as well

        2. My 2 cents as a person that grew up and lived in verona for the first 30 years of his life...

          Arquade is beautiful and delicious, but definitely more dressy and upscale than all the others.. Are you sure it is closed?
          On the same level (michelin starred, etc) there is Al Desco (personally I think it's way overpriced) and Perbellini (25 minutes by car from Verona, delicious).

          La Fontanina is an excellent choice, don't change it.

          Among the ones that your concierge suggested I would personally only consider I Tre Marchetti.
          Alla Coà is far from the city, I went a few times and I always found it just a little more than average...
          Il Groto de Corgnan I think it's solid but I'd rather choose "Alla Ruota" in the same area.
          I wouldn't recommend Osteria Ponte Pietra as well (overpriced, average), I'd rather go to "La Antica Torretta" which is 100 meters away. But that's only me.

          Al Pompiere is great for cured meats, it's on the expensive side and I never heard great things about the rest of their menu, it still is a good restaurant.

          I really like al Duomo, it's really rustic and simple but I've been dining there since I was at high school until now. The bigoli con ragu d'asino are a must. It's not la fontanina or il desco and you won't be blown away, but if you want to try something authentic it's the right place.

          For saturday lunch you can consider Locanda i 4 cuochi, it's a delicious restaurant opened by 4 famous italian chefs (one of them the michelin starred Perbellini) who made a restaurant where they could cook unpretentious yet delicious traditional food. It is really good. (closed on monday)

          An other option is to have some bites and a glass of wine at Osteria del Bugiardo in Corso Portoni Borsari. It's a typical Osteria run by Azienda Buglioni, a wine producer from valpolicella, who serves their own wines along dozens of different snacks, small sandwiches, cured ham, etc..

          Don't miss Pasticceria Flego, in Via Stella, undoubtedly the best pastries and cakes of Verona.

          If you want to eat out on Sunday, staying in the countryside, a little north of Valpolicella, 20 min from Verona toward Garda Lake (right after a town called Affi) there's "i 3 camini", a great restaurants with open patios, minutes from the Garda Lake. They're great on meat but their pastas are delicious as well. (it's open on monday)

          Otherwise you could venture to the Garda Lake and stop by at the amazingly beautiful Locanda San Vigilia at Punta San Vigilio (near the town of Garda). The place and the location are just outstanding, the food is good, not mindblowing but definitely high quality and they use a lot of local ingredients from the Garda Lake area (fish, oil, wines, olives).

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          1. re: alepenazzi

            adding a link to a review from the Pignataro website about a worthy trattoria in Garda

            1. re: alepenazzi

              I agree with you on all points particular:

              We just ate an epic lunch at Antica Torretta yesterday (6+ hours, all fish). It was fantastic!

              We love Bugiardo. Their larger place in Santa Maria di Negrar is also good.

              You are 100% correct about Locanda San Vigilia. High-quality but not mindblowing. As a location, I definitely would put it on the "not-to-be-missed" list.

              In the Al Duomo vein, the Pero d'Oro is also good.

            2. In the end our trip was cut short due to a Lufthansa strike, but we ended up going to:

              Atelier (dinner)
              Our least favorite meal, though not bad. We were almost alone in the restaurant. Hotel is worth a visit though (for their art).

              Locanda i 4 cuochi (lunch)
              Very pleased with this choice; affordable and very good food.

              La Fontanina (dinner)
              Easily the best meal; definitely everybody's favourite

              "Place I forgot the name of" in Pescantina (dinner) - (I will try to figure out the name of the restaurant):
              We went on the recommendation of the winemaker at Marchesi Fumanelli where we did a tour and tasting. This was definitely a neighbourhood place and apparently off the tourist trail; no English menus for instance (nor much English language skills in general). Solid and large portions, tried their Risotto all'Amarone. It was a quiet night so the owner brought out and shared some grappa with us, and he told one of the other guest to drive us back to the hotel; he might have been a taxi driver... :)

              I don't remember which dishes we had but we took some pictures of the menus so I can post those when I get them.