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Apr 7, 2013 01:40 PM

Higher End Food for Eating In


We'll be celebrating a special event, but family logistics will prevent us from going out to a restaurant. Any suggestions for nice restaurants or prepared food places where we could get a special meal to eat at home?

City, and north or west suburbs would be the best location.


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  1. Try, lots of high end restaurants deliver through them.

    1. I suppose most restaurants will prepare most of their menu to take-out, if you give them enough notice and ask nicely.

      Otherwise, you could always do take-out from DiBruno's. They usually have a nice selection.

      1. Savona has a wonderful take-out service. You simply go to the take-out menu online and make your choices and call them at a specified time, give them your credit card number and when you go to pick it up you don't even leave your car -- the parking attendant (who you should tip) will bring everything out to you all ready to go.

        1. Two Garces places worth checking out are Garces Trading Company which is set up to do take out as well as eat in. andJG Domestic in the Cirra Center also has a take out counter where you can order from their menu to go.