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Apr 7, 2013 01:34 PM

fresh fava beans / Toronto

I need some Chowhound spotters or mystery shoppers. Have the chianti and the kid, but looking for fresh fava beans the day after I arrive in Toronto Wednesday. There really is no substitute ( I used cannellini last time.) Please, please, save me a run through the various markets. Where have you seen them this week?

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  1. Nope. It's early. If they're around, places like Highland Farms have 'em and so far no dice.

    1. It alarms me how out of touch many people are with nature. We don't even have the first sprout type vegetables yet - asparagus, fiddle heads, etc.

      1. Saw some at the St Lawrence market on Saturday. The place downstairs in the middle.... Didn't look twice as definitely not local so won't taste very sweet.

        1. The produce shops on the Danforth might have some imported American favas available, although I didn't see any last weekend. I have bought them on the Danforth in the past, a couple months before Cdn favas are available.

          If you're willing to try frozen favas, as something a little closer to fresh favas than cannellini beans, the frozen Portuguese broad beans might do in a pinch.Some stores also carry canned favas.

          1. GOod news, 'hounds! This morning Cheese Boutique brought in the first box of them, and of course I was there at 10:00 am to collect them. They were inexpensive, but of course I managed to justify the trip out from downtown by stocking up on a variety of pricey yummies. I think the beans cost me over $ 100/ pound if I look at it that way. Still, I have to love the CB. If anyone is going to get the first boxes, it's them!!!