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Aug 8, 2001 04:33 PM

Houston Cajun Joints ?

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I'm new to this site and don't mean to be a hog, but I'm still going wild with posts for now. Anyway, what are the best Cajun/Creole spots in Houston? I like Floyd's on Durham and PT's across from Ellington Field, which is a blast on Saturday afternoon.

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  1. I'm a fan of Floyd's as well. I've had some pretty good
    gumbo at Ragin' Cajun on Richmond between Kirby and 610. I've also remember reading a good review once of
    Original New Orleans Po' Boy (on Main in the Mid-town area), but I haven't the chance to get there yet.

    Let us know what you find,

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    1. re: Carter B.

      Agree on Floyd's and the Ragin' Cajun. Boudreaux's on Loop 610 gets good feedback, but I've never been.

      Avoid New Orleans PoBoy if you like Cajun. It's primarily a greasepit serving burgers, sandwiches, eggs, and homemade gravy with mysterious chunks of meat floating in it. Not bad, but no Cajun.

    2. Treebeard's is outstanding. Several locations, mostly downtown. Only open approx 11-2 Mon-Fri. Very clean. Locations usually in interesting buildings, like a pretty church with a lovely patio.

      But the food especially is great. Gumbo,or the veggie platter with red beans and rice, or the red beans and rice with sausage, all area great. Get the corn bread. It's cafeteria style. They also have a Dallas location now.

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      1. re: Ben

        Thank you all. I lived in BRLA for more than a year and fell in love with both Creole at Juban's and Cajun in general. Your differentiation between the two is right on. Creole shows more of the French influence. Wish I'd be able to find something akin to Mike Anderson's in the greater Houston area. Will try WE today. I like the Crescent City Cafe on Westheimer for their beignets. Etouffes are pretty decent. Pappadeaux's near Katy and Hwy 8 is pretty good but used to be better. Ragin Cajun on Westheimer used to be a favorite about 10 years ago but was very disappointing in subsequent visits so we stopped going there.

        1. re: DavelZ

          You sure did dig up an old thread! Floyd's on Durham is now Mardi Gras Grill. There are still 2 Floyd's, one on 1960 and one on the Gulf fwy. I think the one on the Gulf Fwy. is where Floyd himself is at, and he is a true Cajun. I am giving you a link to B4-U-Eat, so you can see all the Cajun places around. I'm sure you will find plenty that are like Mike Anderson's, but there are a couple places on that list that say they are cajun, but really they only serve one or two cajun type dishes (like King Biscuit), so look at the reviews and then google them to see what is real deal.

          And when you say you will try WE today - what is that?

          Edited: The Floyd's Cajun Seafood Restaurant on 1960 is closed.

          Mardi Gras Grill
          1200 Durham, Houston, TX 77007

          Floyd's Cajun Seafood House
          20760 Gulf Fwy at Nasa Rd 1, Webster, TX 77598

          1. re: danhole

            From the B4-u-eat list -
            Abe's in Clear Lake is on the list. I grew up across the street from the Abraham family in Lake Charles. They have THE best crawfish boudin I've ever eaten. Mr. Johnny (the father) makes it at his grocery store in Lake Charles. Abe's has many good plate lunches but it isn't anything like Mike Anderson's IMO. They have plates lunches, with many cajun items included and also a lot of frozen things you can take home like delicious stuffed chickens - try the spinach stuffed one. They used to carry frozen turduckens too.
            Babin's is on the list and it isn't good anymore since Landry's bought them.
            Guidry's crawfish in Deer Park is not good IMO.
            Monument Inn has a few good dishes and is similar to Mike Anderson's but I wouldn't call it cajun by any means.
            O'Cajcen Seafood Restaurant in Pearland was a huge disappointment.

            1. re: texasredtop

              If I remember correctly, Babin's was part of the deal when Landry's bought Saltgrass in 2002. I really liked the Babin's in Katy when they had first opened, but there was a huge jump in their prices while the food went downhill. I'll have to try out Boudreaux's sometime, I think they have opened up in Dallas - interestingly enough, in the same area as a Russo's Pizza too.

              For those interested in some non-chain options (and you happen to be in Katy), I like Orleans Seafood Kitchen and Swampy's. Both are better than the Pappa's restaurants, but that also doesn't mean they're without fault. Swampy's has hit or miss service. Orleans Seafood Kitchen can be heavy handed with seasoning.

              1. re: air

                We used to stop at the Babin's in Katy every time we headed to Junction, it was one of my favorites. We live not far from the one on the Kemah Boardwalk and ate there sometimes too. But the last two times were yuck. I was saddened because Babin's was one of my favorites up to that point. The last time I went to Saltgrass, it wasn't very good either and I usually love their cheddar burger.

                If you stay away from the shrimp at Boudreaux's, you will probably enjoy it. I just don't have a good word for farm raised shrimp. They taste like cardboard with seasoning. I'll take a look at Swampy's and Orleans Seafood Kitchen for our next trip west. We are about due for a trip to Katy Mills Mall.

          2. re: DavelZ

            Pappadeaux's has changed over the last 2-3 years and that is why I quit recommending it. It used to be very good but the last few times I've been it was not so great. I've been to several of the Mike Anderson's locations. Christies used to compare to that but I hear it's kind of hit and miss these days. Some days it's good and others, not so. I haven't been in about 5 years and it was still real good back then. You might ask around about Christie's (corner of Greenridge and Westheimer, just north of the Galleria). I've eaten there since about 1980 and never had a complaint. But it's been awhile since I don't live or work near there any longer. That's the only place I can think of that is comparable to Mike Anderson's.

            1. re: texasredtop

              Christie's comparable to Mike Anderson's? That's interesting; I never would have expected that.

              I have to echo your comments on Pappadeaux's; everything in the C & H empire seems to have gone downhill imo. I would say the same about Boudreaux's. I used to go to the one on 610 a few years back when they were pretty new but they've changed (or my tastes have improved - maybe that's the case with Pappa *.*s too).

              I've heard about Abe's and have been wanting to try it. What on the menu is good? Gumbos, etoufees, po'boys? I don't bother with fried shrimp or catfish unless it's exceptional for some reason. Thanks.

              1. re: dexmat

                I haven't been to the Boudreaux's by the Galleria in about a year and a half. It was always good and I went there often because I worked close to there the last year before I retired. Now I go to the one at Gulfgate and the one at Fuqua. I haven't noticed a change since they first opened. The one on 610 opened first and we went right away so I've been frequenting Boudreaux's since they arrived in Houston. There are a few things on the menu I just don't care for but the majority of it is very good. It's more Tex Cajun but still very good.

                Abe's is more real cajun - the muffaletta is good, etouffee was really good once and not so great the next time. Boudreaux's has better fried oysters but Abe's are still good. They have awesome crawfish boudin that is made at Mr. Johnny's grocery store on Highway 14 in Lake Charles - I've been a huge fan of it for more than 20 years. I've heard their roast beef poboy is good but haven't tried it. They have a huge dessert case. Take home a spinach stuffed chicken. Yummmm!!! I have only had gumbo at one place that I thought was really good in Houston and that was Tommy's in Clear Lake. I'm picky about my gumbo because I like my own the best so I can't find any that I like as well in restaurants here. I recommend Tommy's gumbo over any I have had in Houston.

                I prefer Boudreaux's over Abe's but I adore the St. James Salad at Boudreaux's. Abe's is probably just as good all around. Growing up I ate at the Abraham's home many times and a lot of the recipes they use are Miss Faye's.


                1. re: texasredtop

                  I think of Boudreaux's as a Texas version of Cajun, too. I used to go to the one on 610 when I worked nearby too, haven't been in maybe 2 years. Maybe I'll give them another try.

                  I pass by Abe's but have never stopped but will have to give it a try. Tommy's? I'll have to look that one up.

                  1. re: dexmat

                    I haven't been to Tommy's in a long time either, maybe 4-5 years. When I worked at Bayport we would go there on special occasions. It's not a shorts and tee shirt place but not super fancy. I always liked everything I got at Tommy's. I believe it's Tommy's Patio Cafe. It's on Bay Area Boulevard not far from the intersection of Space Center Boulevard.

                    Try the Boudreaux's on Fuqua or at Gulfgate. Over the years I've noticed that occasionally they get in a slump but it usually passes quickly. Maybe the changes in managers or something. The last manager at the one on 610 was great.

                2. re: dexmat

                  Christies compared to Mike Anderson's - they both offer a lot of fried seafood dishes, have sit down service, casual but nice decor, prices comparable, sometimes a bit of a wait for a table on Friday and Saturday nights. They are not identical but similar. I am comparing it to the MA's in Gonzales. I haven't been nor will I go to the MA's in NOLA. I can't remember if I've been to the MA's in BR or not. I know I've mapped it to stop but can't remember if I've been. I've been to the one in Gonzales 3 times that I remember.

          3. Floyd's is very good, we go to the one off of Nasa Road One. I'm a huge fan of fried frog legs and they do them just right which is very hard to find. As for Ragin' Cajun - when they slather a fried oyster poboy with ketchup, I'm done. I get sick just thinking about that mess.

            For a good menu with a lot of decent dishes, try Boudreaux's. There are several locations now. I do not order their shrimp because they are farm raised but their salads, crawfish, oysters and fish are all very good. Their dirty rice is very good, boudin balls very good, jalapeno cornbread very good, etoufee good and gumbo is decent. Over the last eight years that I worked, I was close to a Boudreaux's and ate there at least once a week and was never bored with it. I miss the St. James Salad and wish there were a Boudreaux's closer to us since we have retired.

            1. I don't like shrimp and crawfish, but I love andouille and Louisiana hot links. They're probably not Cajun at all but I also like "Cajun chicken" sandwiches (spicy chicken coated with cayenne and black pepper). Any Houston joints serve good sausage dishes (ones not contaminated with seafood) or chicken sandwiches?

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              1. re: aynrandgirl

                I'm not sure I understand how a sausage could be contaminated with seafood? Do you mean like they are grilled on the same grill or cooked in the same pan? I've never had the problem of thinking a sausage tasted like shrimp. There is seafood boudin but you would know that up front and it's not cooked with the regular boudin as the spices are different.

                I have no clue about a good chicken sandwich, never had one. I don't think people reading a "cajun" thread would be expecting to comment on a spicy chicken sandwich. You might want to start a new thread to get some recommendations.

                1. re: texasredtop

                  The sausage isn't, it's the dish. That is, it contains shrimp, crawfish, or other seafood. Yuck. I want a straight andouille dish.

                  Plenty of restaurants purport to serve something they call a "Cajun Chicken Sandwich" (as I described). It shouldn't be weird I ask about them in a "Cajun" thread.

                  1. re: aynrandgirl

                    I didn't say it was weird, just that you might get more responses on a separate thread about chicken sandwiches. Cajun spices are done a billion different ways. Most of them not even cajun at all. Just like "blackened" which in most restaurants means drowned in enough seasonings that you can't tell what meat it really is and that isn't really how "blackened" is meant to be done.

                    You might try reading up on Floyd's for sausage. I always order seafood at a cajun restaurant but I'm betting Floyd's has something that might interest you. Most cajun places serve sausage links with their red beans and rice. But if it's sausage you are really after, I'd guess that some of the bbq joints might offer better selections than cajun joints.

                    While this area has a few decent cajun places, they just don't compare to a short road trip east for some really outstanding food.

              2. One of real hidden treasures of Houston is Louisiana Seafoods on 12th Street, just outside the loop. LS supplies seafood to local restaurants, but at lunchtime offers takeout Cajun food that is delicious and cheap. Plate lunches (jumbalaya, etoufee, stuffed pork chopes) for $7-8 dollars, gumbo for $4.95 a pint (chicken and seafood is some of the best I've had). They also have boudin, some addictive little shrimp balls, and little Cajun meat turnovers. And, if that wasn't enough, it's a great place to buy fresh fish and shrimp. The only downside is that it's very difficult to find; probably easies to access by going east on 12th Street off of N. Post Oak, just south of Hempstead Highway. They start selling lunch at about 11:00, and it goes until the food is gone (usually about 12:30).

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                1. re: LCherry

                  Their boudin balls and etouffee are great - I find it hard to pass them up to try anything else. They are the regional franchisor for Krispy Krunchy Cajun Style chicken and it's pretty good, too.

                  They were among the founders of what is now Landry's and still operate Jimmy G's and until recently Magnolia Grill, which they're supposedly looking for a new location for.


                  I don't usually get there until after 1 and I've always been able to get food. The crawfish etouffee is everyday as are the boudin balls and fried chicken but there are daily specials, too. Maybe that's what I've been missing out on?

                  Good stuff - actually great for the price.

                  Jimmy G's Restaurant
                  307 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston, TX 77060