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Apr 7, 2013 12:38 PM

Farmburger - Asheville

We went to this new spot today (next door to Salsa on Patton) and really liked it. Some seating outside (under a cover), lots of seating inside. It's order at the counter and they bring the food out pretty fast, but great music and a good selection of local beer means I could see myself hanging out here for more than just a quick bite. Service was excellent and everyone was very friendly.

My husband had the #1 - Hickory Nut Gap grassfed beef (other than chicken or veggie burgers, that's all they serve), aged white cheddar, caramelized onions and FB sauce which was some sort of aioli. She asked if medium was OK and he said yes but personally I thought it came out more like medium-rare. I would have had a hard time with that but he loved it. The burger was super juicy and the toppings were great. I had the superfood salad (kale, roasted carrots, farro, cranberries, tahini dressing, maybe a few other things?) and a cup of sweet potato bisque with ginger cream (soup of they day) - both very good with the exception of needing a little salt. We also got a basket of rings and fries - both awesome.

They have a TON of toppings for you to build your own burger (including pork belly, looking glass creamery goat cheese, and other unique/local toppings) as well as several interesting looking apps (chicken pot pie fritters is next on my list to try). I think it's a great addition to Asheville!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed review. I hope to try FB this weekend!

    1. Ate there last night. It's loud and lively, not really a place to linger. You can order at the counter, or sit at the bar. The namesake burgers were very good, cooked exactly medium (done outside, pink middle, clear juices) I particularly like the no. 5 with a sweet-savory Pine Street Bacon-onion-pimento marmalade, Looking Glass Creamery Goat Cheese, and arugula. We also had a basket of fries and rings with FB sauce (a spicy mayo). They were good, but could've used a few more minutes in the oil. Good selection of local beers, including beer floats, as well as local brews in cans and bottles. In fact, almost everything they use--from beef to the buns to the exemplary pickles--is sourced from farms/artisans in western N.C., eastern TN, and north GA. This will be a great place to soak up the booze late on a Sat. night. (They'll need to stay open past midnight, though.) Talked a bit with the manager while we were there, too. Great guy--very receptive to customer feedback. We will be back.

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        What a difference a few weeks makes. On a followup visit last night the boss man was nowhere to be seen, and the place was in chaos. The slow-moving line was out the door, which meant that many had to hover in the aisles to wait for one of the few tables. I'm baffled as to who thought the bocce ball court along the right wall was a good use of the limited square footage since probably six tables would fit in the mostly unused space. More bad news, I fear: Of the four burgers ordered by our party, three of them were served sitting in a quarter inch of liquid that rendered the whole thing a wet mess within minutes. We tried in vain to flag down one of the harried servers to complain, but were unsuccessful, so I dug into the lumpen pieces with knife and fork. It tasted fine, I guess, but the bread had all but melted by then. Finally, we got someone's attention, and asked to see a manager. Her response? "I wish you had told someone sooner." (In fairness, she did give us a refund on the one half-eaten burger on the table.) Time will tell whether this was an off-night or a sign of bad things to come...