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Apr 7, 2013 12:20 PM

Whole grains cookbooks and web sites?

I'm trying to eat more whole grains like bulgur and quinoa. After years of doing low-carb food, I'm ignorant and out of practice. Any cookbooks or web sites you can recommend? I like food that is simple and delicous, not overly complicated. I don't have any dietary limitations, and I love to cook. Thanks!

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  1. King Arthur Flour has some good whole grain recipes on its website.

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    1. 101 Cookbooks is an excellent food blog that includes lots of recipes using whole grains.

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      1. Thanks for these suggestions. In looking through my (way too many) cookbooks after I posted this question, I found a great chapter on grains in Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. But keep the answers coming - it all helps!

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            Good to the Grain uses a whole variety of whole-grain flours, but only a minority of the recipes are actually intended to be 100% whole grain; most use at least part all-purpose wheat flour.

          2. If you want to use the grains (and seeds) whole, you can usually cook them (possibly with a soak) with water and a bit of salt till tender. Then they can saved, and used in a variety of ways.

            For example I recently used some pearled farro in a salad with beluga lentils. I also cooked some of that farro with left over corned beef and cabbage. And yesterday I made a sweet whole wheat custard - by combining cooked whole wheat with milk, sugar, and a beaten egg, and baking that (inspired by an Italian Easter pie).