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Apr 7, 2013 12:06 PM

Favourite Vancouver Food Bloggers

There are so many to choose from I'm wondering which are your favourites and why?

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    1. re: flowbee

      I'm liking moyenchow's blog: http://fooditismorevancouver.blogspot...

      intelligent, thoughtful writing. so far removed from the whiny, no-nothing ghetto of yelp, dinehere and mobile urbanspooners.

      1. re: flowbee

        That is a good blog, thanks flowbee.

      2. re: flowbee

        I haven't really followed any before so was looking for some recommendations with which to start.

        Thanks for the suggestions.

      3. I read 365 Days of Dining because I like Lindsay's style. Not really following any others right now.

        1. I follow Follow Me Foodie and Sherman's Food Adventures and Chowtimes daily. Also on my occasional radar are: Ed Eats, Cake on the Brain, Food For Buddha, Gastrofork, Food Punk, Foodology and 604 Foodtography and Foodosophy.

          And I too have checked in on 365 Days of Dining (Richmond) somewhat regularly.

          1. not vancouver - and that's why i like this blogger - the interior - truck stops, strip malls and more


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            1. re: Georgia Strait

              ^^^ +1
              I spend a lot of time in the Kamloops/Kelowna area and also the little towns enroute. This blog was a godsend.
              It's one where I actually READ, versus skim. Well written and humorous too.

              In Vancouver, I check out the same ones as LotusRapper has listed below. I am not loyal to any particular one. There are SO many. I generally scan for the info I need and move on.
              I tried to like the 365 days one, but it just reads like a big commercial. However, I do appreciate effort of all the blogs out there to some degree.

              *I'm going to check out flowbee's rec now.

              1. re: Burma VonFurston

                for more interior YLW info - you might find some bits and pieces on - then go to COMMUNITY then FORUMS then down below the cities/towns - it says "entertainment, food ..." something like that - once in a while you may find something interesting -

                here is an example thread
                including the deli in Penticton and some places in k-town.

                speaking of which - what is that side-of-the-road place in Westbank (aka West Kelowna - so fancy now ;) - it has first nations food - bannock etc - i think it is kekuli cafe - and also another place over there called copper kettle or something similar - near the awning place in the industrial park - what isn't. i've never been to the bannock place - i think it's in a strip mall (what else would you find it in over there ; )

                1. re: Georgia Strait

                  Kekuli Cafe is the bannock place. I haven't come across a Copper Kettle in Westbank, what kind of food is it?

                  1. re: Burma VonFurston

                    i think that place i am thinking of - if i can think - is Pepperpot in westbank

                    ps - i hope you start a thread one day about your non-lower mainland (ie interior) food experiences - i'd like to read your info