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Apr 7, 2013 12:03 PM

Cafe Phin - has anyone been here - Bahn Mi?

I just noticed this little Vietnamese cafe (West 1st and Fir) while strolling through the neighbourhood the other day. Was wondering if anyone had tried it.

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  1. I took a pic of it on a walk on Friday and had plans to google but no experience there (yet). I noticed they used to have my favourite, nem nuong, but it was crossed out on the menu on the door. Bahn cuon could be worth a look and the salads sound good:

    1. Sadly Cafe Phin is no more. The all too frequent 'couldn't renew the lease' deal. It was nice to have their tasty Bahn Mi nearby for the craving hits. Hope they pop up elsewhere.

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          Good news. It is now at 976 Denman St. (between Barclay and Nelson).