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Apr 7, 2013 09:47 AM

Amba in Oakland - Is it worth the drive?

If you were in Berkeley, San Francisco or Palo Alto with a car, would it be worth driving to Amba for the food?

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  1. Amba is OK. I would drive from Berkeley, from SF - may be, from Palo Alto - no. I would better drive from PA to Jerusalem Grill and Bar in Campbell: or go to Izzy's bagels. . There is also a new sandwich place in Palo Alto - Roast Shop near University ave. It is under VAAD.

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      If you've had a chance to try RoastShop, would you mind commenting on this thread? Let's drum up some general interest in the place, thanks.

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        Roast Shop has closed other than for catering and private events.

      2. I liked it. It's a sandwich shop, bright decor, clean, nicer looking than the average kosher falafel shop, with food well above average. Wonderful, fresh pita. Excellent salads (loved the babaganoush and the Moroccan carrots). Sampled two specials: spiced, roasted slices of sweet potato that were delightful. And a lasagna that included tomato sauce and cheese but featured roasted vegetables and was excellent. I'd certainly go again if I was in the East Bay.

        1. Amba announced that it will start serving meat when it reopens on Monday after Passover break.