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College Visit Meals

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Just returned from a great trip to visit Colleges in the Boston Area with husband and teenaged kids. Thought I would share for others doing similar trips.

We stayed at The Lenox near Copley. First night dinner at Summer Shack. Lobster Potstickers were yummy. Clam chowder was not. Overall the food was fine but the atmosphere was not great. Would not go out of my way to return.

Lunch near Brandeis at Watch City Brewing Co. on Moody Street in Waltham. We all enjoyed our meal and the server was terrific. If you are nearby, this would be a great place to stop.

Dinner in the North End at Gennaro's 5 North Square. Our server was terrific. We all agreed that the best part of the meal was the fresh pasta served with each dish. The highlight that evening was coffee at Caffe Vittorio.

We had a quick lunch after our BU visit at Uburger in Kenmore Square. Yum! Between us we tried the burgers, chicken sandwiches and veggie burger. The veggie burger is nothing special...it seems to be a Garden Burger. The chicken and beef were great and we all loved the topping selection and the fries. This was a win for fast and cheap.

Dinner after our Tufts visit at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. The highlight of the meal was the hamburger. I would go back just for that. The menu is a little heavy on snout to tail meats so this is definitely not for everyone.

Ice cream at Toscanini's was great!

Legal Seafoods in Copley Place was very ordinary except for the excellent table by the windows looking out over the city on a sunny afternoon.

It's always difficult to travel with teens. They are becoming more adventurous in their eating but it's still not worth dragging them everywhere that I would like to go. I think overall we made out well.

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  1. Thanks for the report.