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Apr 7, 2013 07:27 AM

Looking for new appliances-is white the new SS?

i'm doing a remodel of my kitchen and budget is tight. primarily bc i'm moving the kitchen to make more space which is more important than having the highest end appliances. after doing much research i'm noticing the Whirlpool Ice collection. The white appliances are particularly eye catching. yikes did i just say that? i'm not a big fan of SS combined with black and in my price range (1300-2000 for each fridge and stove) it seems to be a popular color combo. Anyone have any thoughts on Whirlpool Ice? Thanks.

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  1. This doesn't answer your question at all so I apologize, but MAN, have I always wanted a fire engine red fridge and stove. :-)

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    1. re: Violatp

      no, it doesn't answer my question AT ALL! but i hear your sentiment. i was thinking anything but SS. i like the look of SS in high end appliances like Viking but for some reason in my budget not as much.

      1. re: trolley

        I agree. Must just be a matter of cheaper materials to try and approximate that look, you know?

        What are the other colors in your kitchen? Are your cabinets white or pale, too? Floors? I like color, so when I see pale cabinets, pale floors, and white appliances, I find it a bit antiseptic, but I know many love the clean brightness of it all.

        1. re: trolley

          Another choice, if it fits your budget, is to get built ins, so they're covered with cabinet panels. And a ss or colored stove.

          Some of your decision making should come from how long you intend to live with them, vs trying to sell. If a sale is in the offing within 10 years, I'd go SS or built in. White is so strongly associated with the cheapest appliances. Not saying that's fair, but it's a strong perception.

          1. re: trolley

            I would love stainless appliances.. budget and cabinets dictated mine.. my cabinets are white.. so my fridge is white.

            My cooktop is black glass.. so when I had to replace the oven, it's a built in.. I found a deal on a black glass front.. it matches the cooktop so that's what I have.

            Eventually I will need to replace the dishwasher.. I currently have a black front and am thinking I may prefer a white one to blend with the cabinets.

            I agree though.. if stainless in your budget is not your preference.. get what you like best... your the one who has to look at it. :) Congrats on getting a remodel!

          2. re: Violatp

            Yes! I always drooled over appliances in that color. My compromise was painting the dining room table and chairs Ruby Slipper red by Benjamin Moore.

            Our appliances are SS. We had white in our last house. I'm not crazy about it, I must say.

              1. re: trolley

                I think they're very nice! If you like the clean look of white, then I'd say those are a good choice.

                1. re: Violatp

                  yeah, not the lower end textured white appliance which i currently have in our rental. no no. i was browsing thru sears and finally these products caught my eye in the sea of SS. don't get me wrong, i like SS in thermador, miele, etc. but at whirlpool, kenmore prices i'm finding this to be a good alternative. i'm just not sure if in 5 yrs i'll regret it. obviously, that's a personal problem!! :)

                2. re: trolley

                  very pretty and nice clean lines.

                  1. re: grnidkjun

                    well, went to go look at it again today in person and not as great as it's presented online. of course. i don't know what really caught my eye at first. i think i need to go with their wall oven but i'm afraid the wall oven won't be big enough. oy vey!

                    1. re: trolley

                      If my house had not come with a wall oven I wouldn't have chosen one.. it's not big enough for a large roasting pan.

                  2. re: trolley

                    I do like those, trolley. Crisp and clean looking, with nice looking streamlined handles. They are a far cry from my old white. Go for it!

              2. Get what you like, and don't worry about trends. I have SS/black stuff, and am putting in SS counter tops also. Best thing about my fridge is how well it works. Computerized stuff that keeps food fresh for a long time. Probably a small set off over time against the extra cost. Paid about$2000, and probably a third that cost was the SS (which shows fingerprints and is hard to clean)

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                1. re: law_doc89

                  oooh, stainless steel countertops? Nice! I want a combo of hardwood and steel, plus maybe a small marble area for baking and pastries.

                  1. re: law_doc89

                    After working on stainless counters for years in a professional setting, there's no way I want them in my kitchen.

                    I want to cook, not baby a counter top.

                    1. re: JayL

                      What do you have now? I love the look of stainless steel, but I'm also of the "anything but granite" school of thought.

                      1. re: JayL

                        Please elaborate. What is the problem?

                    2. I heard that the being pushed as the new "it" thing are the shiny, glass-like finishes in white/black/slate. If you are going through the considerable trouble and expense of re-doing your kitchen, then you should absolutely have what you like.

                      My one concern with white would be cleanliness or discoloration. However, I haven't seen this line of appliances in person and I would guess that at this price point the materials used are relatively easy to get and keep clean.

                      1. I scored a few points with my wife by installing a Kitchenaid double convection wall oven in black and stainless steel. (I mean I literally installed it as the "professional"installers said it couldn't be done). It looks great and she also loves the blue enamel interior. I think you can pay too much attention to fashion instead of function when making purchases. Go with a look that you like and make sure you have the functions you want.

                        1. There is only one problem with the Whirlpool Ice collection, no one eleses white is going to match. So you either purchase all you applaliances from Whirlpool or have different colors of white. As much as folks talk about not getting a "set" of pots and pans, you would be stuck with a "set" of appliances.