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Apr 7, 2013 06:34 AM

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

So, in a sense of fairness and full disclosure, I start by noting that I am a son of the Jersey Shore. 'round here, folks eat pork roll, egg & cheese sandwiches on hard rolls as a matter of pride. Hell, back in the day, a hard roll filled with a slab of butter was also a properly appropriate breakfast - every diner and convenience store offered 'em.

Now, keep in mind we are a short "crow fly" from the Island of Manhattan where fine bagels can make the morning meal. Places nearby make some solid boiled-baked goodness. Consequently, I do like me some stuff - lox, cream cheese, chicken salad - put on one of them "holey" products as my first meal of the day. A good bagel can be quite moving.

I went to college in central Pennsylvania and discovered scrapple. Man, that's fine stuff when coupled with some cheese on one o' them Philly hoagie rolls.* My wife is originally from Northern North Carolina, so, over time, her family has turned me on to sausage and biscuits. Tasty. tasty, tasty - especially with that gravy. Once upon a time, while goofin' off in Virginia, I discovered country ham and biscuits for breakfast - Hell, that's as*-kickin' good.

So I pose the following question: What is your "ultimate" "breakfast on a bun"? I mean, the Egg McMuffin has been famous for decades, right? A day started with a handheld meal is a thing of beauty. Everyone must have an idea.

For what it's worth, I spose I'd have to pick pork roll, bacon, egg, and American cheese on a hard roll. It, however, to be "just right" needs to be wrapped in foil for the five minutes it takes me to get to the beach and eat There's just somethin' about that last little bitta steam that finishes the magic. A squirt from a package of ketchup is applied just before eating.

*If you've never made a scrapple cheesesteak, I suggest you go get the stuff you need and try it. No matter which meal you try it for.

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  1. - A "10:50 Filet-O-Fish"

    - A Chinese tsao-bing with youitao (燒餅油條)

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      This you post at 7:30? You have a little time to kill, buddy!

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        Scrambled egg done in a crepe size pan then folded twice topped with a slice of chedder on a english muffin with a lot of mayo salt pepper. Something about having enough mayo to get that mouth feel.


    2. Lechon (suckling pig) with chicharron (crispy skin) and habanero sauce, on a crusty bollo roll, under the blue tarp @30th&30th in Playa del Carmen MX. Usually sold out by 10:00. Under 2 bucks, but so good it's worth a plane ticket.

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        Yeah, I want that. Really, really, want that!

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          A breakfast sandwich on the beach in Playa del Carmen = Paradise

        2. What wouldn't I give for an egg on a roll. Hard roll, fried egg, butter, salt, pepper. No hard rolls in NH.

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            Yummmm.......fried egg,butter,s & p on hard roll like back
            on Eastern LI,NY....NO hard rolls here in Seattle either!

          2. If I'm buying:
            @ Rick Bayless's Xoco they make a Chorizo-Egg Torta sandwich til 10.00 ($7.50) is worth waking up early for. Chicago. Just had one 2 weekends ago.

            City Sandwich's egg sandwich flavored with Portugese bacon and sautéed onions, mozzarella melted over the top. Hells Kitchen.

            Lamb Bacon and Egg at Parish Hall. The highlight of their lamb bacon and egg sandwich is the bacon, which they cure in house. Brooklyn

            Any breakfast sandwich from John's Roast Pork, Philly

            Since I live in NJ, and yes we take pride in breakfast sandwich-I make my own. All the key ingredients reside right here!

            1. I'm not a fan of eggs, but a few slices of bacon on a soft roll that has been grilled in butter then lathered with chunky peanut butter can bring a smile to my face, even that early in the day