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Aug 7, 2001 09:15 AM

mexican rest. in el paso

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Awhile back I ate at a mexican rest. in El Paso whose
speciality was pork. Does anyone know the name? Also
I had a dish of roasted pork ribs that was great. Does anyone know the name of that dish? The place was right on I.H. 10.


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    David "zeb" Cook

    Was it Carnitas Queretaro? My neice calls it the "Piggy Place" -- from the sign. Four locations in town. Carnitas, barbacoa, pozole, caldo de res, etc.

    David "Zeb" Cook

    1. e
      Estela Reyes Lopez

      I think you're talking about Carnitas Queretaro. "Carnitas" are chunks of tender, flavorful pork, slow-simmered to enchance the tenderness, and typically served with lime slices, corn tortillas, soupy ranchero beans, rice, and a green chile sauce. In the southern state of Queretaro, the pork chunks are served soft, straight from the pot. But up in the northern Mexico region, an added step of quickly deep-frying the exterior for crispness is included before serving. Thank God Carnitas finally opened up on I-10. That same location was once a horrid "Pellican's."