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Apr 7, 2013 06:26 AM

Moo Cluck Moo - DTW (Dearborn Heights)

Just read a preview of this casual hamburger joint opening. Freep covered it.

Anyone been?

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    1. Went on Friday. I thought the hamburger was good, I'm not sure about the bun. I guess I'm used to a softer, less dense bun. The chicken was nicely breaded and the slaw was a savory slaw. Not sure about the combination. Thought maybe a sweet BBQ sauce would compliment it nicely. Again not sure on the bun. The fries where good. We got both and enjoyed both. The fries held up pretty good as a take out item also.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out tomorrow and report back.

        1. I went on Friday - lunch time. I was considering adding
          MCM to my food-when-driving-home-from-airport rotation.

          Located on the NB side of Telegraph. Easy to miss. I
          suggest looking for the Midas sign as a landmark. Midas
          is shuttered, so I used their parking lot.

          "Large" Moo Burger w/bacon & cheese: Good. It's more
          of a a "large" slider, than "large" hamburger.

          Bun: Meh

          Garlic fries: Great garlic flavor. Waaay too greasy

          Milkshake: Creamy, chocolate

          Interior: Functional. Low budget

          Staff: Knowledgeable. Hard workers. Well organized. Did
          a good job getting the orders turned-out.

          This is intended to be a carry-out operation. Seating for
          maybe 4-6 inside. A few more cheapy tables & chairs
          outside, on the curb of Telegraph.

          Will I return? Probably. I want to see How they respond to
          constructive criticism. Given the other fresh ingredients,
          the bun drags the burger down. Inspite of the great flavor,
          I will not accept greasy fries again. If what I was served is
          std/usual, will not order again.

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          1. re: rainsux

            Thanks for your review, rain. Whats your opinion "value" wise?

            1. re: RedTop

              > Value wise?

              It was $11.13 out the door.
              Value? Not good-enough ... value.

              They really need the bun to match the other
              ingredients. I'm wondering if the "greasy"
              nature of the fries is due to how they apply
              the garlic?

              1. re: rainsux

                Hmm. There's currently a Groupon for the place, and I wonder if this wouldn't help the value aspect of the place.

                If I may, a little bit more info on the milkshake: creamy, chocolate *good*? Creamy, chocolate *thick*? Creamy, chocolate *worth it*?

                Just wondering.

                1. re: boagman

                  I prefer a coarser blend and thicker milkshake. Worth it? Very much YMMV. I will not order again.

                  Groupon would certainly help.

                  1. re: rainsux

                    Yeah, it might help, but of course, I just looked, and they're sold out. This, along with your sort-of-tepid review, means that I won't be trying them out any time soon.

                  2. re: boagman

                    The Groupon is back, or at least *a* Groupon is back for MCM. $12 for $22 (two of their chicken sandwiches, two fries, and two drinks), but if three people buy it, the price goes down to $9 per Groupon. There's one more thing: the fine print of the Groupon says, "Must purchase 1 other food item not included in Groupon". That may be something they might not enforce, but I'm betting they might...and that would mean I'd have to buy a shake.

                    Let me know if anyone else is interested.

                    1. re: boagman

                      I am "in" for the 3-friends $9 promo.

                      1. re: rainsux

                        That's and Rs. Anyone else?

                        1. re: boagman

                          And now crickets? No one else wants to go in on this with RS and myself? Hmm. That's too bad...