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Apr 7, 2013 03:13 AM

Recommended Brand for Induction Range

If price were no object, what induction cooktop range would you buy?

Here's the background to that question: We just bought a condo that forbids installing gas cooktops. I've used gas cooktop all my married life (nearing our 48th anniversary) so I'm less than thrilled with the electric cooktop installed now. I'm considering buying a range with an induction cooktop.

I've cooked with a Viking double oven for the last two years and I love it, especially the precision of the thermostat and the old-fashioned knob controls. I'm tempted to buy a Viking induction cooktop range so, at least, the oven would be a known quantity. However, I came across a thread with several complaints about quality and customer issues with Viking's induction cooktop. None of the complaints was newer than 2 years old, and some of the posts go back four years. Does anyone have recent experience with a Viking induction range or cooktop?

Recommendations please.

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  1. Miele, unless you have a giant pot that covers the control elements when placed on the centre round (it happens).

    Fagor IF-900 otherwise.

    1. There are numbers of posts about the Viking induction range (range, not cooktop) at the gardenweb appliances forum. Those folks seem happy with their ranges. Here's a link:

      The induction-range-owner who started that thread has offered to answer questions if you want to e-mail him directly. He's had his Viking range for about a year now.

      There is a lot to like about the Viking induction range -- clean design, knob controls, color finishes etc. -- and, so far, there have not been any reports at Gardenweb of problems with the induction ranges and (IIRC) no recent reports of problems with cooktop/rangetop units. However:

      (a) the Viking induction range is very expensive. $7K for stainless, white or black finishes, more for other colors. OTOH, the owner who started the linked thread makes a persuasive case for buying what you like, rather like the case for buying Italian sports cars, lol;

      (b) the stove is very heavy (like 450 pounds heavy), so maybe not so good in older houses with joisted kitchen floors; and

      (c) Viking was recently acquired by Middleby Group, numbers of employees have left, and new directions are as yet unclear, all of which may of some concern until the dust settles.

      If you are looking for recommended brands of induction ranges by other manufacturers, the most favorably received and most widely discussed at the Gardenweb site are:

      Electrolux Wave-Touch slide-in EW30IS65JS

      GE PHS925 (slide-in) and PHS925 (freestanding). Numbers of long threads on each with a lot of info and photos.

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        I've had that GE for over a year now and have been very happy with it (once they replaced the defective oven temp sensor, which was of course under warranty). Wide range of hob sizes and temp levels, easy to clean, huge oven. I particularly like the internal probe option - when a roast reaches the desired temperature (like 120°F for rare roast beef) it not only sounds an alarm, it shuts off the oven.

        1. re: JWVideo

          Replacing our viking 36" induction cook top this week. All electronics have been replaced 3 times in the 6 years we've own this piece of garbage. All but one burner is broken again, and the last one is making a loud buzzing sound, so failure is imminent. Going to replace our extremely problematic Viking cook top with either the Meile of Wolf 36" induction cook top.


        2. Hi, I was an early adopter of induction and it is awesome! I would never want to cook on anything else but I would stay away from Viking and here is why. When I was doing my kitchen in 2006 few manufactures were making all induction so I went with the 36 inch 6 burner from Viking. I had several problems with the electronics in the first few years but everything was covered by warranty. Eventually there were so many problems that I had to have it replaced and now have the VICU2666B model. I think they had a lot of heat issues in the past that were causing the boards to fail. Anyway, the replacement worked fine but only with a one year warranty (they have since upped it to 3yrs which is a big improvement). After 3 years we started having some of the same problems. You know when the boards and nearing failure because the unit buzzes like a bee when you turn it on. The left two burners eventually failed and the repair was $1,600 for the 2 electronic boards (just the left two burners) plus a couple of hundred of dollars in labor so over $2,000 to fix. Yikes! This unit retails for over $5,000 but many others are now much cheaper and even more powerful than the Viking. I don’t think I would ever buy the Viking again because these products seem to break after 3 years and the warranty is over by then. Just so you know, Viking used to be very good with customer service but I think the original owners sold and new ownership seems very rigid and I feel they are dishonest with the way they worded the warranty. The warranty now says 3 years for everything 5 years for parts on the electric element. When my repairman called Viking about the failed electronic boards they said it isn’t covered by the 5 year parts warranty. When he asked why, they gave him some excuse that the electric element is a specific item that doesn’t even apply to induction. He thought that was ridiculous and that anyone reading the warranty would assume that electric element would be the “electronics” but hey I guess the Viking lawyers don’t think so. Why would they even include the 5 year language in the warranty if it doesn’t apply to the product? Anyway, do yourself a favor and go with a manufacturer that is either higher quality (so it doesn’t break) or less expensive because there is no reason to pay $5,000 to $6,000 for a Viking if it isn’t going to last you more than 5 years.

          1. I renovated my kitchen 2 yrs ago and did a lot of research. For me the choice was easy in the end. I opted for Miele 36" 5 burner and I haven't regretted my decision for a second. Ridiculously responsive. Easy to clean. I actually went with an all Miele kitchen and I so love it.