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Apr 7, 2013 02:38 AM

road trip from Raleigh to Atlanta.

I will be traveling by car from Raleigh to Atlanta.

A. any cant miss places for drive not picky.

B. when I arrive in Atlanta I will be looking for great restaurants at reasonable prices.I will be staying in cnn center for convention

c. is fat mats rib shack still best place for ribs !

thank you

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  1. A. This belongs on the Southeast Board, but some suggestions are: Lexington BBQ in Lexington, NC; lots of places in a search on the Southeast Board and you'll find dozens of posts; The Beacon or Wade's in Spartanburg, SC.

    B. What is "reasonable"? Downtown ATL is pretty tough. Again, do a search on here as there are several recent posts. Der Bier Garten and Lunacy Black Market are options.

    C. No