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French Laundry Dress Code, Men?

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I've done some research, but I'm asking for clarification. My party is having Sunday Brunch/ Lunch, typically a more causal affair.
I know a jacket is required for men. But to me "jacket required" just means a" Jacket". Does that mean a suit? Or can a suit jacket with a dress shirt be worn with jeans?

Again, this is Sunday Lunch, not Friday evening. Typically there are differences in dressing between the two. I'm not going to wear a cocktail dress for Sunday brunch, so I wouldn't expect my partner to wear a suit. (I will wear a dress, I like dresses! But again, Sunday v Friday).

No issues wearing a suit, but a suit for Sunday seems? Any *specific* experience in dressing for Sunday lunch for gentlemen?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. We had a wonderful lunch and DH wore a sports jacket with Chinos...no jeans.
    Saw no one in jeans.
    Have fun and report back!

    1. Jacket means sports coat, suit jacket, similar. A jacket you can eat dinner in, not the overcoat you arrive in.

      Don't do jeans, really don't do shorts, everything else presentable is fine.

      French Laundry is known to make a fuss.

      Sorry I don't have specific Sunday Brunch recommendations, but I would suspect TFL is just the same all the time.

      1. TFL is a big deal whether for lunch or dinner, Friday or Sunday. He should not wear jeans--nice slacks and a sports coat or blazer--anything else and he will feel under dressed.

        1. The stated dress code is "jacket are required for both lunch and dinner ... no T-shirts, shorts, or tennis shoes.' If they were going to turn people away for wearing jeans I'm sure they'd mention it.

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            whenever i've seen TK at most public events, he's always appeared in a jacket and jeans

          2. My wife and I had lunch there yesterday and I wore a suit with no tie and did not feel overdressed. One of the men at the 4-top behind us was wearing dark jeans with a dark blue blazer and did not look underdressed. So no they wont turn you away with jeans, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in faded and/or tattered jeans.

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              This is right.

              Jeans are fine as long as they aren't something that Axl Rose might find in the back of his closet.

            2. In the South we'd call this dress code "country club business meeting" wear. That means a blazer/sports coat, dress shirt, wool slacks, leather shoes, no tie.