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Apr 7, 2013 01:47 AM

French Laundry Dress Code, Men?

I've done some research, but I'm asking for clarification. My party is having Sunday Brunch/ Lunch, typically a more causal affair.
I know a jacket is required for men. But to me "jacket required" just means a" Jacket". Does that mean a suit? Or can a suit jacket with a dress shirt be worn with jeans?

Again, this is Sunday Lunch, not Friday evening. Typically there are differences in dressing between the two. I'm not going to wear a cocktail dress for Sunday brunch, so I wouldn't expect my partner to wear a suit. (I will wear a dress, I like dresses! But again, Sunday v Friday).

No issues wearing a suit, but a suit for Sunday seems? Any *specific* experience in dressing for Sunday lunch for gentlemen?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. We had a wonderful lunch and DH wore a sports jacket with jeans.
    Saw no one in jeans.
    Have fun and report back!

    1. Jacket means sports coat, suit jacket, similar. A jacket you can eat dinner in, not the overcoat you arrive in.

      Don't do jeans, really don't do shorts, everything else presentable is fine.

      French Laundry is known to make a fuss.

      Sorry I don't have specific Sunday Brunch recommendations, but I would suspect TFL is just the same all the time.

      1. TFL is a big deal whether for lunch or dinner, Friday or Sunday. He should not wear jeans--nice slacks and a sports coat or blazer--anything else and he will feel under dressed.

        1. The stated dress code is "jacket are required for both lunch and dinner ... no T-shirts, shorts, or tennis shoes.' If they were going to turn people away for wearing jeans I'm sure they'd mention it.

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            whenever i've seen TK at most public events, he's always appeared in a jacket and jeans

          2. My wife and I had lunch there yesterday and I wore a suit with no tie and did not feel overdressed. One of the men at the 4-top behind us was wearing dark jeans with a dark blue blazer and did not look underdressed. So no they wont turn you away with jeans, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in faded and/or tattered jeans.

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            1. re: sunnyside

              This is right.

              Jeans are fine as long as they aren't something that Axl Rose might find in the back of his closet.