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Apr 7, 2013 12:22 AM

Ace's Frozen Bake Your Own's - thoughts?

I have seen these packages of frozen baguettes/croissants from Ace in many Loblaw's stores. They are not cheap, but not outrageously priced either - ie $4.99 for the croissant, quantity similar to the Pillsbury varieties.

Planning for a Victoria Day cottage getaway. I thought these guys might come in handy.

Any suggestions for other local ready-to-bake pastries/breads?

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  1. We have tried the mini baguettes (3 in a bag). They are good for par baked/frozen. No comparison to a fresh baguette, but in a pinch, they are fine. We usually use them for dipping when we are having a stew for dinner.

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      I use the Ace 'mini' Frozen Baguettes regularly...always have the 3 pack in my freezer...couldn't be easier..use them to accompany a number of things..soup,spaghetti, beef stew, chilli and in a pinch make garlic bread with them. I do think they compare vey well to the fresh one and the bonus is that I always have them on hand..

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        Nice, thank you. That's exactly what I am going to try.

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          CocoaChanel has the best assessment. But baguettes are simple to make at home, and I have two suggestions to make them easily.
          First, I use a bread machine to do the mixing and kneading.
          Secondly, I use Red Star quick yeast from Costco. Never makes a brick; it takes all the abuse and mis-use I can give it.

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            The no-knead bread I made was just as good as any baguette I've had, for those who plan in advance.

        2. I find the baguettes really handy. As long as you don't overbake, they are great. You can also buy a large box of Premier Moisson baguettes in the freezer at Costco that is more economical, if you can use that quantity.

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            I was wondering if you tried the Premier Moisson croissants at Costco? I've tried the baguettes and they're fairly good especially for the price and the fact they're frozen.

            1. re: Nevy

              No, I haven't. I love croissants, and a huge box of even just decent croissants in my freezer would be too tempting, hahaha! Let me know if you try them, though. Might be worth buying if I'm hosting a brunch.

            2. re: Full tummy

              Can you buy frozen Premier Moisson croissants at places other than Costco??


            3. I haven't tried the Ace frozen croissants, but at Longo's they carry Cool and Simple frozen croissants and pain au chocolat. They are pricey for frozen but are fabulous. I keep my eye on their flyer and when they go on sale they can be had for about a buck a piece. I believe there are 5 in the chocolate and 6 in the plain.

              1. We have had the Ace Bakery baguettes many times. I used to find them at Costco (Woodbine location) but haven't them in a long time. We now get them at Loblaws and find they are quite tasty and very convenient. I have also tried the frozen pain-au-chocolat from Longos but was not that impressed - they were fine, but even at the sale price, I don't think they are worth it.

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                  Loblaws bought out ace that's why they aren't at Costco anymore.

                  1. re: LexiFirefly

                    Thanks! I can stop looking for them there!

                2. I like them very much.

                  Hot out of the oven at home... not sure how one gets more fresh than that other than being plum lucky every now and then.