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Ace's Frozen Bake Your Own's - thoughts?

I have seen these packages of frozen baguettes/croissants from Ace in many Loblaw's stores. They are not cheap, but not outrageously priced either - ie $4.99 for the croissant, quantity similar to the Pillsbury varieties.

Planning for a Victoria Day cottage getaway. I thought these guys might come in handy.

Any suggestions for other local ready-to-bake pastries/breads?

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  1. We have tried the mini baguettes (3 in a bag). They are good for par baked/frozen. No comparison to a fresh baguette, but in a pinch, they are fine. We usually use them for dipping when we are having a stew for dinner.

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      I use the Ace 'mini' Frozen Baguettes regularly...always have the 3 pack in my freezer...couldn't be easier..use them to accompany a number of things..soup,spaghetti, beef stew, chilli and in a pinch make garlic bread with them. I do think they compare vey well to the fresh one and the bonus is that I always have them on hand..

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        Nice, thank you. That's exactly what I am going to try.

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          CocoaChanel has the best assessment. But baguettes are simple to make at home, and I have two suggestions to make them easily.
          First, I use a bread machine to do the mixing and kneading.
          Secondly, I use Red Star quick yeast from Costco. Never makes a brick; it takes all the abuse and mis-use I can give it.

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            The no-knead bread I made was just as good as any baguette I've had, for those who plan in advance.

        2. I find the baguettes really handy. As long as you don't overbake, they are great. You can also buy a large box of Premier Moisson baguettes in the freezer at Costco that is more economical, if you can use that quantity.

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            I was wondering if you tried the Premier Moisson croissants at Costco? I've tried the baguettes and they're fairly good especially for the price and the fact they're frozen.

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              No, I haven't. I love croissants, and a huge box of even just decent croissants in my freezer would be too tempting, hahaha! Let me know if you try them, though. Might be worth buying if I'm hosting a brunch.

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              Can you buy frozen Premier Moisson croissants at places other than Costco??


            3. I haven't tried the Ace frozen croissants, but at Longo's they carry Cool and Simple frozen croissants and pain au chocolat. They are pricey for frozen but are fabulous. I keep my eye on their flyer and when they go on sale they can be had for about a buck a piece. I believe there are 5 in the chocolate and 6 in the plain.

              1. We have had the Ace Bakery baguettes many times. I used to find them at Costco (Woodbine location) but haven't them in a long time. We now get them at Loblaws and find they are quite tasty and very convenient. I have also tried the frozen pain-au-chocolat from Longos but was not that impressed - they were fine, but even at the sale price, I don't think they are worth it.

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                  Loblaws bought out ace that's why they aren't at Costco anymore.

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                    Thanks! I can stop looking for them there!

                2. I like them very much.

                  Hot out of the oven at home... not sure how one gets more fresh than that other than being plum lucky every now and then.

                  1. These are on sale at loblaws this week. Just picked up 3 boxes of the demi-baguettes today. 2.99 for a box of 2.

                    1. Just tried a frozen Ace croissant and I thought it was really good.

                      Very flaky, but with some tender chewy pull too! Nice and buttery. I've had more buttery, but these do hit the spot.

                      And for $2.99 on sale, fresh croissants at home made with ingredients you can pronounce..... well worth it. Will buy again.

                      1. I picked up a box of frozen Bridor croissants on the last trip. Its on sale till Sunday 13$ for 60 so can't be beat price wise as these are normal sized when baked. The taste on the other hand was OK. Not buttery enough though a warm baked one has its pleasures.
                        Though the wait time time is not that user friendly.
                        I will baste them with egg wash next time to get the shiny finish.