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Apr 6, 2013 09:33 PM

Fleetwood's - Maui???

This place was in the planning stages when we were on Maui last summer. Has anyone tried it? I am anxious to hear opinions on the food and music. I can't wait to visit the "land of aloha" again in a few months.

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  1. I haven't tried it but in January I did a walk through and thought it would be a nice place for a drink with a great view.

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      We frequented Fleetwood's often in March, since our condo was only a couple of blocks away. The top open-air deck is wonderful with a Moroccan motif. Check out their website to get a feel for it. Nothing was cheap but the mai tais were solid and the puu puus were good. The hostess seated the four of us in a room off to one side of the bandstand and we inadvertently ended up crashing a birthday party. But the hosts were wonderful, asked us just to join in and we had a great time dancing along with the rest of the group. Entertainment was always live and very good.

    2. The rooftop is nice, the drinks are good, but food wise it won't break into my top 5, probably not top 10.

      (Plantation House, Merriman's, DUO, Ferraro’s, Mala Ocean Tavern, Lahaina Grill, Spago, Roy's, Hali'imaile General Store and Gerrard's)

      *note: Plantation House has gone on injured reserve due to a fire and I've called up Capische? in relief.

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        is spago a wolfgang puck chain? there was one in vegas when i was there. didn't get to try it.