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Apr 6, 2013 09:29 PM

Downtown Detroit

Will be visiting Detroit with a friend for movement festival over mem day weekend. Looking for late night din places that will deliver to marriot after midnight or are right near hart plaza (safe for two girls to walk to and back to hotel), also looking for some breakfast places that we can get to easily from hotel or using people mover. We will be on a budget since we had to spend a bit more on the hotel than anticipated so cheap would be great, no pizza or Italian though please as we are coming from ny/nj area and want to try something different. Thanks in advance

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  1. First place that comes to mind as a kneejerk reaction is Bucharest Grill on Park Avenue for their fantastic chicken shawarma sandwiches. Under $5 out the door, ultra-fresh ingredients (*very* garlicky, mind you...if you aren't truly good friends now, your friendship will be put to the test unless you both partake), and quite filling. Best part: they're open until 12AM Sunday and Monday night, and until 2AM every other night of the week. Call fifteen minutes before closing if you're cutting it that close, otherwise, you can call them when you're exiting at Grand Circus Park (see below), and your sandwiches will be waiting for you!

    It isn't necessarily walking distance from the Marriott, but you can hop on the People Mover for $.75 a person at the Renaissance Center station and it'll drop you at the Grand Circus Park People Mover station which is literally two blocks away. Definitely worth the investment of time and money. If you want to eat at the adjoining Park Bar, you can if there's room/tables for you.

    I highly recommend the sandwiches, though. I make special trips for them.

    Edited to add that the People Mover's hours are until 12AM daily and until 2AM on Friday and Saturday night. Keep that in mind.

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      We're both believers in the more garlic the better so sounds perfect for our saturday late night din thanks!!

    2. Ahhhhh the Memorial Day Mecca for electronic music. I used to run a website back in the day that helped many out of towners get what they needed out of the city. One aspect of what you are looking for but not mentioned is what after parties will you be going too.

      Breakfast =

      Dinner after midnight is tougher, but nothing is more Detroit than late night coneys at Lafayette.

      During the day with a short walk away from Hart Plaza is Foran's. They should have good DJ's spinning and serving decent pub grub.

      Also worth while in the People Mover Loop is...

      Outside of the loop... - Best Sandwiches and soups downtown. Owned by DJ Greg Mudge

      Saturday Morning is for hitting Eastern Market.
      Great soul of Detroit and plenty of places to eat. Burt's Ribs if you want cheap beer and Soulful Karaoke before noon.

      Best BBQ is Slows and within walking distance of "The Works" which always has great afterparties.

      Best Trainspotting Experience for local Detroit "Underground Resistance" was one morning where the headliner "Rolando" and other UR member "Buzz Goree" showed up at Taqueria Lupita's. We got REAL full and spent hardly a thing.

      If you provide more info on what type of Techno you listen too I might be better to help. What labels do you listen to?

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      1. re: JanPrimus

        hey Jan, I think the downtown Sweet Lorraine's is closed.

        This place has had good reviews, but don't know from personal experience, I'd try it on Sunday

        as jan says, though, I'd head to Eastern Market area on Saturday for breakfast and the best vibe in the city.

        1. re: coney with everything

          I was sold the minute I saw red velvet pancakes on the menu, thanks.

          1. re: LINDZUKER

            I've had the red velvet pancakes at Hudson Cafe and, yes, do that.
            Third Eastern Market for local grazing. DeVries has some nice breakfast pastries that are on the cheap.

        2. re: JanPrimus

          thanks for all the info!

          As far as after parties go we haven't planned anything yet. What we are really looking for is being able to see some of the detroit natives like atkins, craig, saunderson, may, or anyone that really represents the detroit techno sound/scene.

          I didn't mention this in my original post but we will have a rental car. Is there parking at the eastern market? Slows?

          1. re: LINDZUKER

            There is lots of parking at Eastern Market, yes, but there are also gobs of people there on a Saturday morning, so it can still be an issue. With Slows, there's on-street parking and I've heard that there's a secure pay-to-park-there lot which I'm not familar with; maybe someone else knows. I always park right on the street in front and I've never had an issue...others would say that it's a prime break-in area, and I wouldn't call them wrong. I just haven't experienced that issue.

            Slows kitchen is also open pretty late (check their website for kitchen hours) and makes *wonderful* late night noshing, especially since there's usually no wait for a table that late (that I've seen...but I haven't tried during the techno-fest, or whatever it is). Had I realized you had a rental car, I'd have recommended this in my first post as well.

            1. re: boagman

              Sorry, I didnt mention the car because we are going to try to avoid using it as much as possible in the city and won't be using it at night since we'll be enjoying a few beers throughout the day at the fest.

              Found the info for Slow's lot on their website. Going to head there for a big lunch on sunday before the fest. hopefully the wait wont be too bad if we arrive shortly after they open at 11

              Would you suggest taking the bus to Eastern Market instead of driving?

              1. re: LINDZUKER

                Waiting on a bus (or worse yet, a taxi) in Detroit could best be measured by how many times your clothes go in and out of style by the time the vehicle arrives, so, no: don't bother with them. Public transportation in Detroit is the very definition of "oxymoron".

                1. re: LINDZUKER

                  Definitely drive to Eastern Market. Even on its busiest day, you can find a parking space. I'd highly recommend Russell Street Deli for breakfast. If you have a sweet tooth, walk around the market and grab a Luv's custard pie and throw it in your mini fridge for later.

                  If you feel like driving a little further, (maybe another five minutes) check out Rodin in Midtown at the Park Shelton for brunch.

                  Can't say enough good things about Bucharest.

          2. People Mover hours can vary depending on what's going on Downtown. I'd anticipate they may be somewhat extended during Movement. You might keep an eye on this page as your visit dates approach.

            Bucharest delivers to Downtown hotels-- and by Movement they'll no doubt be in their new (additional!) location over in Corktown which should make getting around a bit easier for their delivery vehicles-- though navigating the Downtown core during Movement will no doubt remain a challenge.

            A few other places also deliver. Here's one list--

            Sweetwater, known for lousy service and sometimes-great wings, grilled ribs and decent meat-centric salads is open until 2am and is an easy walk from Jefferson.

            Plaka on Monroe in Greektown is open 24/7. Think of it as a greasy spoon with a Greek accent.

            I enjoy some of the sandwiches at Foran's (Grand Trunk), though I think their kitchen closes at midnight.

            Up Woodward a bit into Midtown, Honest John's kitchen remains open until 2am. They also serve breakfast daily from 7am. It's a very popular after-shift spot for staff from the nearby Detroit Medical Center.

            There are also good, interesting Yemeni places in Hamtramck, Lebanese in Dearborn and Mexican in Southwest Detroit open till midnight, but you asked for later than that.

            Many of the Mexican places serve breakfast quite early, if you don't mind driving in the morning. Los Altos (from 8am) comes to mind, as do Nuestra Familia, LaTerraza (moving soon into the former Las Briasa spot in W Vernor, if they haven't already) and Mi Pueblo.

            In all cases, Y*lp is useful for addresses, maps and usually hours.

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            1. re: ak994

              Second on Sweetwater. They're usually friendly enough, and the place just has the feel of downtown Detroit. Wings are the specialty—one sauce, take it or leave it. Very good, not blazing hot.

            2. I think brooklyn street local is a very nice breakfast -- not so far from you ... It's cute, serves warm scones (and poutine and eggs and things) and is not too pricey.

              1. Only 2 short blocks away I've sent many visitors to this great unique 100 year old building with the greatest Wings to be found in our state. Rated number one on many websites found from folks all over the nation this place is a must try.


                No one comes close to these perfected wings marinated overnight in a secret sauce and deep fried to the perfect doneness. The bonus buy a whole slab of ribs that fall over the bone and you get a free full order of wings with salad and fries for only $24, 2 of us couldn't finish it all. I call this the BBQ deal our city has to offer.