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Aug 3, 2001 10:32 AM

Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

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Hi all!
I've just discovered this web site and its for me! I have just moved to Dallas and really miss a good pizza pie. The best I have found so far is in Carrolton, a place called Alfredo's.
I would be particularly interested in a good deep dish style pizza place.
Thanks for your help
-Capn' A

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  1. I recomend Campisi's on Mockingbird, on the east side of I-35.

    Cash only. Don't let the "Egyptian Food" sign throw you off.

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    1. re: MidtownCoog

      Campisi's is no longer cash only.. the now accept Credit Cards.

      1. re: James
        Charlie Blank

        In the 'burbs' for thin crust pizza, the best I have ever had is from I' Fratelli's in Irving, Tx.

      2. re: MidtownCoog

        Campisi's is just east of I-75, NOT I-35. Or also called Central Expressway. Their pizza is a thin crust & okay. Never really understood why Dallasites rave about Campisi's. It is okay, but nothing outstanding.

        1. re: TEX-GAL

          Because eating is about more than just the food. Campisis has atmosphere that can only come from a shady (but fascinating) past. And the pizza (and lasagna) isn't bad. Not world-rocking, but not bad.

          1. re: TEX-GAL

            Is that Campisi the same as the one in Plano (on Parker just a bit east of Coit)? Went there this weekend and had their "Cali" Pizza with chicken and artichokes. Delicious! My husband was craving it yesterday again...

          2. re: MidtownCoog

            I just dont understand why people like Campisis pizza. I consider that place more of a 'be seen' establishment, people dont necessarily go there for great quality food. The pizza reminds me of a Totinos frozen pizza.

            I recomend Cigarz on Gaston. The sign just says PIZZA, but it has great, all homemade pizzas. The Greek Pizza has been in the papers and D magazine.

          3. Check out Pastazios(sp?) in Addison Circle. I'm not a really big fan of NY style pizza but my buddy is and he loves that place.

            1. The best NY style pizza in the Dallas area is Cozzoli's in Allen and Covino's in Plano. I personally think Campisi's pizza isn't very good but that's me.

              1. m
                Mike McClaskey

                I have a bold proposition for you. Sentimental Dallasites hold out for their Campisi's. Yet the best pizza in Dallas is not in Dallas, but in the outlying suburb of.....McKinney, 30 miles north of downtown.

                The place is called Jim's Pizza. (Not the execrable Mr. Jim's. No relation).It is on highway 380, around 3 miles east of 75 central expressway. Jim and Mrs. Jim operate this fine establishment in a long-abandoned Pizza Hut (probably abandoned when Jim drove them out of business some years ago and expanded into their digs from his old spot). Nightly AND lunchtime buffet which with soda will set you back less than $7.00 and includes spaghetti and homemade sauce (and on some nights, Mrs. Jim's own lasagna). Big variety and lots of meats unlike many others featuring a buffet as a substantial part of their revenue mix. A combination pizza that features green and black olives and just the right payload of meats. Great sausage and pepperoni. Cheese like you haven't had since...well, maybe the 60's? A thin yet substantial handmade crust. Not too much sauce. Try the bacon cheeseburger pizza. Or the hamburger/jalapeno. Not fancy, not too inventive, just right. If you don't see what you want on the buffet, just ask and they will make you your favorite and put it on the buffet.

                No ambiance. A big crowd of salt-of-the-earth locals and great pizza. RC Cola and Big Red on tap. Even the yuppies in nearby west McKinney have left this gem largely undiscovered. A booming but somewhat laconic delivery. I almost hate to mention this place in fears it will be overrun. But the Jim family deserves your custom. And many will be turned away by the lack of curb appeal, only to miss one of the finer pizzas available in N. TX.

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                1. re: Mike McClaskey

                  okay, whoever wrote this must either have been high or never left the McKinney area!! We went to Jim's yesterday (solely because of this article) and here is our honest opinion:
                  The positive: everyone was VERY friendly and nice.
                  The negative: Even Cici's pizza is a better place to eat: The pizza's quality is comparable and Cici's at least has a brownie type dessert which this place does not...
                  Saying that this is the best pizza place in DFW is like saying that the local Applebees has the best steak! There are hundreds (who knows maybe thousands??) better places for pizza in Dallas. My personal favorite to this point is Nonna in Highland Park.

                  1. re: olif

                    Oh dear god, I didn't see that someone had rec'ed Jim's. LOLOLOL, I am so sorry that you made a special trip for that! Wow, i concur with the stoned remark, that place has been catering to drunken and baked MHS students for 2 and a half decades. Very sorry for the unfortunate rec.

                2. Rosati's
                  6150 Independence in Plano

                  Best Chicago-style deep dish that I've found in Dallas