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Apr 6, 2013 06:57 PM

Chagall Bistro in Park Slope (New York) - anyone been yet?

Heard wonderful things about this place from someone at shul today. Eager to try it.

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  1. I think I posted this elsewhere, but we were there a few weeks ago, during what was their first Sunday brunch. The environment struck us as authentically French bistro (admittedly, only my husband's actually been to France), on a sunny corner in Park Slope. The service was pleasant, and deeply apologetic about the kinks they were still working out on their first time through this menu. We loved the desserts, enjoyed my main (duck breast over lentil salad), found the risotto a little blah (I have yet to really enjoy a non-dairy risotto), and liked the bread basket that we got for free due to the delay in getting our mains, although I think they ought to replace the margarine with something else. We'd happily return if we were in the neighborhood, but wouldn't necessarily make the hour-plus trip via subway from home for it.

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      Thanks, Gila and Zsero. I'll put it on my list. Sounds like it's worth a visit if there is some reason to be nearby.

    2. See my earlier report on the pre-Pesach shabbos dinner there.

      1. We were just there yesterday and seemed to have had comparable experience. The service was very pleasant and efficient (by yesterday any kinks had been worked out) and the decor was also attractive with an old fashioned theme. The food however was not as good as I would have hoped it to be for the prices they charged. My huband ordered the tongue and the duck special (which was supposed to be like a coq au vin) and found both to be bland. I ordered the soup special (asparagus) which was good and the lamb shank which was very good but there was not very much meat from the lamb on the plate. The dessert of meringues or egg whites in a caramel sauce was good but the flavors were not very strong. I am not sure if French food flavors are too subtle for us or if these were not prepared well but for the cost of the meal, which ended up around $130 for the 2 of us (gratuity automatically added) we left feeling unsatisfied.
        The restaurant seems to be doing well. We were there for an early dinner and when we left before 7 many of the tables were already full. So reservations definitely recommended. We might go back if we were in the area - although we are rarely in Brooklyn. We would have to choose between the better service and ambience here and the better food at Pardes.
        (BTW, they did replace the margarine for the bread with an herbed oil and a salmon mousse.)

        1. We liked it. Went with friends- shared appetizers. Duck appetizer- shredded duck in a crispy roll up- had a cinnamon flavor and was really interesting. Tongue- the others loved it but its not my cup of tea. Caesar salad- the dressing was creamy and intense, olives were pre sliced and kind of tinny tasting. I had the steak, husband had duck special and a friend had the chicken. Steak was great- a big ribeye, juicy, but a little too fatty. Fries were ok- soggy from being in a bucket shaped container. Dessert was the best part of the meal- orange soufflé.