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Apr 6, 2013 06:30 PM

Bridal Shower location ideas?

My daughter is getting married in September. Her fiance's mother and I are hosting a shower for about 40 women in early August. We are looking for a venue located between Seacoast NH/ME and Springfield MA....our guests will be coming primarily from those two locations as well as from greater Boston. Many of us are foodies so any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Wenham Tea House has lovely space and can be rented for events like bridal showers. I've eaten breakfast/brunch there many times but have also sampled their tea selections. Their food is top notch.

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      I attended a shower at Wenham Tea House that was lovely -- but definitely a proper teahouse vibe -- not so much a foodie vibe. What about someplace in Portsmouth, like Moxy?

    2. is this for a weekend lunch/brunch? or an evening affair?


      from springfiled to portsmouth is at least a 2-hour-drive each way, so is within a few miles of boston better?

      1. Thanks for the replies. All the guests are coming from three general areas- Springfield MA, Seacoast NH, and greater Boston. Wenham is lovely but a bit too far for the Springfield group. Thinking brunch/lunch time. Anyone heard of/know anything about Fruitlands Museum? Have great feedback from a good friend on Longfellows Wayside Tavern.

        1. J's Restaurant at Nashoba Valley Winery is good, and a lovely spot. But they can only accommodate 22 people in their private room.

          Here is the link for the caterer that services The Fruitlands Museum:

          1. Stonehedge Inn in Tynsboro?