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Apr 6, 2013 05:26 PM

I'd like to begin following some below-the-radar chefs.

Surely not all worthy Boston/Cambridge/Somerville chefs have powerhouse media coverage. Yet I often feel that I read or hear about the same group of six or seven "name" chefs (and, in turn, the Swank family patronizes their restaurants out of curiosity). A small food resolution of mine is to begin exploring the creations of less-heralded chefs and hidden-gem like places. Szechuan's Dumpling comes to mind, though I'm thinking of places that are a bit more upscale for a night out. Any suggestions?
Modified to add: I think that Tim Wiechmann from TW Food and Bronwyn fits this bill.

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    1. re: phatchris

      Also Keith's 2nd in command, Dan Bazzinotti, who has his own style that is showcased in certain dishes.
      At Journeyman, chef-owners Diana Kudajarova and Tse Wei Lim.
      Dave Punch and chef de cuisine Lydia Reichert at Sycamore.

      1. re: phatchris

        Ditto on Bergamot chef - never disappoints and frequently surprises in a really great way - solid service and bar program as well!

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        1. have you seen those 2 new artisinal ital. places raved on CH- Giulia and Impasto? quite impressive.

          ana sortun and her chef de cuisine at oleana are opening a new Somerville place this yr.

          i'd also put in a real plug for the Park chef.

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Park's chef is Mark Goldberg. Giulia's is Michael Pagliarini, and Impasto's is Riccardo Passini. Like the first two, haven't made it to the third yet.

          2. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by 'follow'? are you looking for chefs names to watch out for in the news/on blogs that you might otherwise let slip through the radar?

            or something more individual, like following a chef on twitter or a restaurant page on facebook- in which case you're also looking for someone who is good at handling/has good handlers for social media?

            I don't know how under the radar he is, but Michael Scelfo of Russell House, and (i think) in August of Alden & Harlow, has a great twitter account with photos of menu development for both places as well as home cooking.

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            1. re: valcfield

              The opening of his own place in the Casablanca space will probably be the death knell for good chow at the already declining Russell House.

              1. re: Gabatta

                only been to RHT once or twice, but I find it to be solid- especially for a place that turns through as many tables a night as they must.

                That said, hopefully Scelfo leaving does not lead to a decline, but I'm more excited at the prospect of the increased pleasure of him taking over a small space of his own than I would regret a decline for RHT.

                1. re: valcfield

                  I've gone to some of his small/special events and they've all been fantastic. I've had more hit or miss experiences on normal nights although they've generally been at least AOK if not a hit. Specifically the burger and the crispy egg have never let me down.

            2. For pure food porn via social media, I think Matt Jennings at Farmstead in Providence is pretty great (albeit slightly out of the geographical boundaries). His Instagram always has some great shots.