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Apr 6, 2013 04:44 PM

Something I can make ahead to take to a funeral

I need a large dish I can make and freeze to take when needed.Can I cook a beef tenderloin cut it up with gravy and re-heat it and it will be OK?
Any other ideas?

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  1. Can't speak to the meat and gravy as I find my reheated frozen gravy always separated so zi only make it fresh.

    However any lasagna or baked pasta dish lends its self to freezing. It's my standard funeral/wake/new parent drop off dish.

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      I always wonder what to bring too. Couple of ideas:

      **homemade granola, some fresh fruit cut up so it can be served on the granola, plus a large container of good quality Greek yogurt
      **homemade rolls and either homemade pulled pork or sloppy joes. I love this recipe for rolls:

      1. re: soccermom13

        I think that granola idea is a fantastic one. Something different than usual.

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          Second the pulled freezes and thaws well as does roasted pork loin; serve with a platter of small dinner rolls.

          Other things are a pot of gumbo or jambalaya; chicken & pastry (or what others might think of as dumplings); a pan of bbq or baked chicken (if you're doing baked, it's easy to turn that into baked chicken & rice by baking the chicken for an hour then stirring the rice, broth, aromatics and seasonings right into the pan with the chicken and continue to bake for another hour); it's a one pan meal.

          A large pan of baked beans with chopped ham, mustard, brown sugar, onions and peppers can be made ahead/frozen and reheated. A whole roasted turkey is a welcoming change from baked pastas. Accompany with rolls, chutney or relish like orange cranberry or a cranberry mayo. Or turn it into a bowl of turkey salad with toasted walnuts and dried cranberries or apples.

      2. Unfortunately, it's really easy to dry out sliced/ reheated beef and tenderloin is so lean anyhow. If you do it ahead of time I wouldn't re-warm, I'd serve it room temp and make the gravy separate (so it doesn't!)I'd probably do a horseradish cream instead of gravy.

        1. Second the lasagna.

          Beef stew also freezes well. Chunk veggies on the thicker side so they don't overcook when you reheat.

          Chicken soup. Add small pastas after you defrost
          because they get soggy in the freezer.

          Or make a homemade tomato sauce/gravy (with or without meatballs) and freeze that. Then defrost and make pasta to go with it.

          1. Lasagna/other baked pasta dish
            A meatloaf
            A quiche/frittata

            These are some of the items brought over to us by friends and family when my mother in law passed away a few years ago

            1. Do you want (or have you been asked) to necessarily bring a hot dish? You could also bring a cold cut tray, or a quiche, or a frittata. If hot, a third set thumbs up for lasagna.

              Also, off topic totally, I try to use disposable roasters/baking pans, so that mourners don't feel obliged to hustle a dish back to me.