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Apr 6, 2013 04:23 PM

Lota Trucks

At least thats what I think it's called. At the corner of Kapahulu and Winam, where the service station used to be. There are about 8 trucks in operation now ranging from Plate Lunch to Saimin to BBQ to Taco's to Crepes. Today was Saturday, most of them were operational by 11:30, although the Taco Truck wasn't open till 12:30. Most of them stay open toll around 8pm.

I started with a BBQ pork bun, $6. This is the same operator as the one at Lowes and another location at the Swap Meet. Pretty tasty. I ordered it spicy, and it actually had a bit of a kick. The guy said the menu was still limited until they get a full size truck there, right now it's just a trailer.

Next I tried the Taco Truck, Taco Cabana I think. For $4.50 I got two small (palm size) steak tacos and a soda. If i hadn't had the bbq bun first i would have wanted 3 or 4, but thats still a pretty good price. They have tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. I was disappointed that they only had steak (chopped into a small dice) but it was very nicely prepared and served with a healthy amount of cilantro and sauce. Just the right amount of burn. I will definitely be back to try the burrito or enchilada sometime soon.

Parking is somewhat limited, although there were always a couple of open spaces when i was there (an unpaved/gravel lot with no marked stalls.)

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  1. My cousin said there is a truck doing Peruvian food I think over there in that lot. Said his friend claims that their chicken is the best chicken period on the island. Has as anyone tried it or heard of it?

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      If true, it will be at the top of my list to try. Rotisserie chicken in Peru is unbelievably tasty, and is a mania in foodie heaven Lima. Have seen reports that versions are appearing all over the Mainland to rave reviews.

      The standard technique is basically to marinate it with lime and chile.

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        there wasn't any peruvian chicken yesterday. the bbq truck guy said they want to do brazilain and venezuelan food, but later on, not yet doing it.

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          hmm, i'll try talking to my cousin again and get the details.

      2. i've been eyeing this place since kiawe pizza was supposed to be here, but i haven't seen it yet.

        thaks for the report, i need to try some of these soon.

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          Kiawe pizza isn't there, at least not yet. BTW, they all seem to shut down early on Sunday evening.

        2. I was back today for lunch. Don't know what was going on, almost all the trucks were closed at 1pm when I got there, and at that time most should be open. I wanted to go back to Taco Kabana, but it wasn't open. Instead i went to Kau Kau Grill. I got a mixed plate, 2 items plus a lemon lime slush for $14. A little steep, but it was a lot of food. I chose the BBQ pork ribs and the garlic chicken. Very good, and they make that odd 'mac' salad using linguine but not too much mayonnaise - enough, but not over the top (by Hawaii standards.) They offer both brown and white rice. The bbq ribs were very tender 'haole style' as opposed to the short ribs that they also offer that are 'kalbi' style.

          They offer 2 or 3 item mixed plates as well as mini and regular plates of each offering. Prices range from $7 and up. The guy I ended up sitting next to had persuaded them to make a 4 item mix, based on physique, he finds a way to burn the calories. LOL. He had each of the two types of ribs, garlic shrimp and garlic ahi (they don't always have that.)

          The lot is extremely rough, technically graveled, but it needs more gravel, at some point they will need to pave it. I wish they provided electrical hook-ups for the vendors, the buzz of generators gets a bit annoying, but its still a fun thing to have in the neighborhood. A poke truck has been added to the mix, kind of odd with one of the better poke places in town almost next door.

          1. Went back to Taco Kabana and got a burrito. Not as impressed this time. Not sure if they always put cheese on it, but it was all in a glob on one side, half melted cheap costco cheese. The tomato cilantro salsa was pretty good, also garnished with chopped lettuce. It was a large burrito, and not bad aside from the cheese, but nothing to write home about. The people who work there seem really nice.

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              Hope springs eternal, eh? Only to be dashed to bits when it comes to Oahu Mexican food!