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Apr 6, 2013 03:01 PM

Mama's Boys Burgers on Danforth Rd east of Birchmount

Is it worth a long lunch break to try it? Fresh burgers and hand cut fries generally are. Apparently this place has both plus souvlaki, poutine, and dogs (oh my).

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  1. Sounds worth a shot from me. However I can't attest to the place as I am just now hearing about it.

    But a burger place, generally speaking, I'm in.


    1. I'm always wary of getting a burger at a place that also serves souvlaki, because in my experience you're generally going to end up with a burger with onions and other spices mixed in. Whether or not that's an issue is up to your own personal preference.

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      1. re: Michael N

        While I prefer the smashburger style, a burger with "Mixin's" isn't a deal breaker. So long as it's good.


        1. re: Michael N

          I'll definitely be investigating this before the end of the month. It doesn't read like they make "meatloaf". Here are a couple of shots of the menu. You tell me.

          1. re: Googs

            If I implied that I thought they'd be that type, I apologize. It's just that, that's usually what you get with a place doing burgers and souvlaki.
            The (old) Firepit, Burger Shack, Golden Star, etc.

            Anyway, the first thing I saw was "American Single" so I knew we were in business.
            Then they say no fillers. So beauty.


        2. Tried this place last summer, so this is 9+ months out, but I liked the burger. You can have it flame-broiled or griddled, depending on your preference. Fries were solid. Super-nice owner, and the place was packed on a random Tuesday at 2pm. I think I'll try the souvlaki this week and report back.

          1. Had lunch there today Googs.

            Is it worth a long lunch?? Well, maybe. It really depends on how far you have to go. I would say they make a solid burger but not worth driving across town for. The burgers aren't in the same league as HC/BP/SY but are probably solidly in the next group down. A group led by Big Moe's IMHO.

            Anyway, one thing they seem to not do well is season things. i found both the burger patty and fries lacked in salt. Of course, if you find the same thing, it's easy to add. If you find something too salty, you're beat.

            I went with the American Signature which is a Banquet Burger w/ sauteed onions. Good solid burger and the salt from the bacon was enough to carry the beef which tasted pretty good othewise. The bun, a Wonderbread style, wasn't really up to the challenge of 8oz. of meat, bacon, onions, cheese and condiments. I however, don't mind a messy, fall apart burger.
            It was cooked to well done (nautrally. I meant to ask for mw but forgot) but being done on a flat top and covered to steam some of the time meant it was still juicy.

            I had poutine with it and it was good but not great. As is the norm 'round these parts it's beef gravy but the curd had some squeek. All in all, good.

            The shakes are pretty good too. Again, nothing noteworthy like HC but made fresh and similar to what you could make at home with milk and ice cream.

            I'll be going back and blogging about it.

            Everything else i swa looked quite good.

            Mama operates the cash (when I was there anyway) and she's very friendly. Unfortunately she seems to be a bit too hands on. She would slide over to the condiment station and was getting fussed at for mixing up orders. So a bit of confusion but all in all, not bad.


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            1. re: Davwud

              Sounds perfect for me. I'm a Salt Control Freak. I don't wanna damage my palate before my time. Too many good things to eat yet. I like homestyle shakes. They just seem to go better with burgers.

              Do they grill or flat top upon customer request or is it style-to-style? In other words, you ordered the American so naturally that'd be flat topped. Could you have asked for grilled?

              1. re: Googs

                I suppose I could've however I think they have a different patty (6oz.) that is done on the grill.
                I have been told that burgers for a flat top don't work well on a grill and verse vica.