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Favorite crackers to serve with cheese

Someone in the Manchego thread just mentioned water crackers. Now, no offense intended, but I think water crackers are awful. And yet, I prefer a neutral cracker (no herbs or seeds) with cheese, so I'm always on the lookout for the perfect cracker and I think I've found it: the pita bites crackers at Trader Joe's.

What are your favorites? Do you like different crackers with different cheeses or types of cheeses?

How about bread or toast? My local bakery makes a currant walnut bread that is divine with blue cheese.

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  1. Triscuits and Stoned Wheat Thins are the best in my opinion.

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    1. My favorites for a good, stand-alone cheese are thin, unflavored (and unsalted ) crispbread crackers.

      1. I don't like water crackers either.
        For soft cheeses or blue cheeses I like Fudges Charcoal and Oat and Walnut Crackers.
        For cheddar/Comte type cheeses I like Carrs Melts or Dr Kargs crispbreads.

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          I've never heard of the Fudges brand before (I just hit their website). Carr's I've enjoyed but not with cheese. I have a bit of a phobia for crispbreads (break a tooth woes) so are they very hard?

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            You have not had a real crispbread cracker. A toothless septuagenarian could gum them down.

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              LOL, oh I'm wondered how hard they are...some crackers are like cement...including crackers labeled crispbread.

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                Go for the thinner than a dime, feather light naturals.

        2. To be truthful I tend to eat my cheese out of hand.

          While I'm not really big on bread with cheese, I do like a strong, soft-ripened cheese slathered on a sourdough baguette. Milder soft cheeses are better on crackers.

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            I eat my cheese out of hand, too, Ruth. And I'm just as likely to have olives or cornichons with it.

          2. The new brown rice Triscuit has my attention. For parties, I tend to put few diff crackers & breads out together; but my preference is a crusty or toasted bread over crackers. I find crackers a tad oily and cheese has enough cream or "glide" without a cracker for my taste.

            So on the cracker I go with Triscuit, Melba toast or toasted mini rye (which I treat like a cracker). Some of the water crackers (like the black pepper) are okay. But nothing that competes with the cheese, please :)

            1. I'm the water cracker eater. I love 'me....more for the texture and for the way you get the true flavor of the cheese. But I like others as well...now I am eating St. Albans with TJ's pita crackers. I love those things...just the perfect amount of salt. I also like the pepper water crackers when eating a really mild cheese.

              1. Also divine with blue cheese are TJ's rosemary raisin crisps which I learned about on Chowhound and now can't be without.

                Triscuits are another fave. And the lowly saltine. I always need those in my pantry.

                I find water crackers too floury.

                WASA sesame crisp breads are nice, and so are sesame lavash crackers (but the brand name escapes me).

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                  TJ's rosemary raisin crisps would have been on my list but I can't seem to share them. I keep a box in my car and munch away while I'm driving. Shhhhhhh..don't tell anyone. Those crisps are amazingly good.

                2. I'm a bit hesitant to admit this, but here goes - Newton's Fruit Thins. Not exactly a cracker, but, last week I was clearing out the fridge, and was faced with leftover bits and bites of various cheeses and no crackers. Camembert, taleggio, manchego, st. Agur, sharp cheddar, Roquefort, Brie, butterkaese (sp) - all were really good on the fruit thins. We had the Fig & Honey variety, which was my favorite, and a Cranberry Citrus one, which was especially nice with the Roquefort. I will be doing this again.

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                  1. re: tracytrace

                    That's quite cheeky actually. Fruit & cheese are a natural pair so I can't see why Newton's Fruit Thins wouldn't be. I'm stealing that!

                    1. re: HillJ

                      I agree. Same with the currant walnut bread I mentioned. Fruit, nut, honey -- all traditional accompaniments with cheese.

                    2. re: tracytrace

                      You may just be on to something here, Tracy. I love cheese with thin slices of fruitcrack.

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                        Uh - that should have read "fruitcake".

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                          I LOVE fruitcake...I think "crack" was right on.

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                            Right? lol
                            Maybe it was a subliminal typo. But more likely that it was because a friend called from the grocery store yesterday asking me for the brand name of, what I refer to as “crack ham”, a deli ham to which I have a mild addiction.

                    3. My preference also is for a cracker that does not compete with the cheese for taste but has something more going for it than water crackers. I love the small flatbreads from Rustic Bakery in Larkspur and also Larkspur Landing. These are also available at some local groceries like Woodlands Market in Kentfield. Yes, these are all in Marin. Sorry, but maybe they are carried other places in Bay Area that I have not visited. Shape is strange--long and narrow, easier to spread soft cheeses on than cutting harder cheeses, altho I do both --but taste is great background for many cheeses.They do some flavors like olive and rosemary among others, but even these are not overpowering. Also: the best croissant I have had in California.

                      1. Depends on the cheese. It's something that doesn't compete with the flavor of the cheese, though, whatever it is.

                        I mostly eat triple cremes, and I eat them with bread.

                        I remember when I did eat cheese with crackers, I usually bought Bremner Wafers, which are harder to find now than they were in the '80s. I'm not wild about water crackers, either. They taste like nothing and they break clumsily, often painfully, in my mouth.

                        1. TJ whole wheat or sesame thins (if soft cheese). Eat them straight if it's a hard cheese.