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Apr 6, 2013 01:51 PM

The Hideaway in Ridgefield, CT

The Hideaway opened a while ago in the space formerly occupied by The Corner Pub.

I've had lunch there now twice, and dinner once but have been very happy all three times.

Granted, I should add that I have ordered the exact same thing each time — French Onion Soup. It's my favorite, and I don't make it at home (why exactly I'm not sure but that's another thread).

The Hideaway's version is terrific! Nice broth, melty cheese, served piping hot. It's $2 less than Luc's in Ridgefield, and in my opinion MUCH better. Last time at Luc's it was cold. I sent it back, it returned cold again.

Also, The Hideaway is very friendly. They have a greeter at the door, no stumbling for a table. Cordial waitstaff. One time I was pressed for time, told my server, and bam soup came right out. And it was piping hot!

Like this spot very much so far.

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