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Apr 6, 2013 01:39 PM

Two dinners and two lunches in Providence

My friend (coming from Connecticut) and I (coming from Boston) will be spending a few days in Providence (Monday, April 29 through Wednesday, May 1). We are looking for lunch/late breakfast and dinner recommendations for Monday and Tuesday. A year or so ago we spent a few weekends in Providence. We have had brunch at Julian's and Nick's, lunch at Harry's Bar and Burger, and dinner at Chez Pascal, Cook and Brown, Gracie's, the Providence Oyster Bar and Al Forno. We were not impressed with Al Forno (though it certainly wasn't bad). We were quite happy with the rest.

For dinner, we're considering Mill's Tavern, Farmstead/La Laiterie (not clear if these are separate restaurants), and the Dorrance. We'll be staying at the Biltmore and like to walk, but we will have a car. We like all kinds of food (and wine), and would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

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  1. We went to this restaurant after it was recommended to us by friends and it was AMAZING:

    I had the Pistachio Ravioli and it was out of this world. Prices are fantastic, too. It's not in the nicest section, but you're pretty close to Federal Hill, so you could always pop over there afterwards for dessert.

    1. given the list of places you have already mentioned, i would say broadway bistro, sienna, and new rivers should be on your list. la laiterie is good too, dorrance i thought was overrated, mills i haven't tried yet. loie fuller is also a good recommendation.

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        IMHO I would skip Siena unless you can't get average Italian food where you are, and knowing CT, there is pleny of decent Italian around.

        LaLaterie has well crafted dishes, the broth in their mussel dish is outstanding.

        Mill's is solid but I have foud it can be spotty as well, from good to very good.

      2. The Dorrance is in a gorgeous space. The food doesn't quite match the surroundings, and sometimes tries to be too creative by half, but I'd still consider it.

        Loie Fuller is good, really unusual but impressive space, somewhat slow service sometimes.

        La Laiterie is the restaurant attached to the Farmstead cheese shop. Tends to get very crowded. Small space. Good bistro with killer pork dishes.

        Nicks on Broadway for dinner is also recommended.

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          I would definitely try to get into La Laiterie. Extremely local (like the pork Jenkins mentioned) and often unusual ingredients, intense flavors. Great charcuterie. Interesting cocktails too.

        2. Do you have specific recommendations for lunch?

          1. Thank you for your recommendations. We visited Julian's for lunch on Monday. Dinner was at Loie Fuller's. What a terrific place! Beautiful (& fun) decor, good food, good service, and reasonably priced. We went to Farmstead for lunch on Tuesday, and it was there I had the most memorable dish: pork belly in a fennel broth with barely cooked brussel sprout leaves -- fantastic. Dinner was at Mill's Tavern which we also enjoyed. Great picks. Thanks, again.

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              I am late to this party, but next time in PVD, try north. It is right near Loie Fuller (my neighborhood...I don't think it's a bad section, as another poster suggest!). Very eclectic menu (give the Southeast Asian dishes a whirl) and cool little space. Tiny raw bar up front. Post-dinner or pre-game at the Avery right across the street.


              1. re: digga

                Thanks, digga. In fact, we were talking with our Mill's Tavern server about Providence restaurants, and she suggested north. We'll put it on the list for our next visit.