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Apr 6, 2013 01:14 PM

A topic I'm following has become highlighted in gray, and so have the replies.

I am unable to remove the highlighting,and I am unable to open the replies fully to read beyond the first sentence of each.

Help, please.

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  1. Hi Hallie-

    I see you're new to Chowhound.

    In all likelihood, you have read all of the replies to date. Once you read the replies and navigate away from the thread, on your return, the thread and all of the replies are highlighted in gray. When additional responses are added, the thread will once again appear "white" (i.e., not highlighted). When you open the thread, all of the responses you have already read will remain collapsed and highlighted in gray; the new, unread responses will appear in full, unhighlighted.

    If you would like to read the highlighted responses again you will see a button with "+" on it right below your original post (to the left of "28 replies").

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    1. re: gaffk

      Yes, I am definitely a newbie, but I have not read nearly all the replies, nor the sub-replies. Clicking on the "+" does not resolve the problem. I suspect the problem may derive from my Kindle Fire's very buggy browser, but I was hoping against hope that this was indeed a common newbie mistake that could easily be resolved.

      In any event, many thanks for your suggestion, suggestion, gaffk.

      1. re: HalliePM

        To be more precise, the graying doesn't mean you have actually read all the posts, it simply means you have "opened" the thread, and then "closed" it.

        1. re: carolinadawg

          Thanks, carolinadawg. For whatever reason, the "grayed" replies and sub-replies have become inaccessible to me. They will not open again. My newbie status notwithstanding, I have been reading this board without difficulty for months. I even contributed one post that drew reasonable interest a month or so ago.

          There is some sort of formatting problem with this particular thread that has become closed off on my Kindle Fire. The origin of the problem is unclear, and I have experienced nothing similar on CH before or since.

          I suppose I'll just let the mystery be.

          1. re: HalliePM

            Hopefully the site administrators will see this and have some sort of explanation/solution.

            1. re: HalliePM

              The distinctive aspect of the problem thread is its huge size. This is what makes me suspect the problem is the default Kindle browser, which does weird things frequently.

              An aside:I very much liked my original Kindle Fire, but the KF HD is quite buggy.

      2. Just in the last couple days, this started happening for me as well. That is, could not open collapsed replies when I clicked on the "+" button. It's a new problem. AFter some experimentation I found that I need to allow scripts from in order to be able to open replies that have collapsed when I'm using Firefox on Mac OS.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Thanks so much for letting me know I'm not alone, Melanie. Cheers!