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Apr 6, 2013 01:13 PM

Post-Marathon meal between Boston and Northeast suburbs

Hello Boston Chowhounders -
My wife and I will be up in your fine city for the marathon next week.
The evening after the marathon, we're hoping on meeting up with some relatives for dinner, and were wondering if people had any advice on a place to meet up.
Here are the kinda complicated requirements:
-we'll be staying at a hotel near the finish.
-My relatives live NE of Boston, I think in the Peabody/Salem vicinity. Not surprisingly, they don't want to drive into central Boston the evening of the Marathon, w/a Red Sox home game going on as well.
-we won't have a car. we wouldn't mind taking some form of public transportation out of Boston, be it the T or, if it isn't too expensive/complicated, a taxi, BUT we do not want to have to walk down any staircases. That part is key: no walking down staircases. Escalators are fine, walking up staircases is ok, but from past experiences it's going down that hurts.

Yes, this is all rather random and surely a bit picky, but if anyone does have advice, I'm all ears.

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  1. I could be wrong, I've never run Boston before (until this year!), but I think access to the city will be easy by dinner time. You'll just have run 26.2 miles. Make them come to you! (I have reservations at Island Creek Oyster Bar for my post-marathon dinner.)

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      I had an older relative take the commuter rail north and she said it was pleasant, although I haven't done it myself. I think she took a cab to North station and then the train was easy. Do they have good taste because maybe they can suggest where they like to go right on the train line. I know we met in Wakefield and it worked well.

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        Bob Loblaw / Charles, I thought about this post this afternoon and felt so sad. The thought of your relatives feeling uncomfortable about coming into city events has such ramifications now. Hope you were able to be in contact with them and that all of your are safe and sound...

    2. The Sox play at 11 am that day, so it won't have any impact of dinner-hour travel. If your relatives are really opposed to driving, couldn't they be the ones to take the train?

      1. It would help if you knew how far they were willing to drive. This matters because if they want to stay close to home, then you will have to use the commuter rail...if they are willing to drive to places like Revere, Malden or Cambridge..then you have more public transportation options..but of the three I am only familiar with the Malden T Station and there are stair and an elevator. I am guessing that most of the T stations are handicap accessible so you will be able to manage.
        If they want to stay closer to home, you can take the commuter rail to Salem. There are a few stairs to get into North Station..but nothing significant. If you go this route have them pick you up at Salem station, otherwise you will be climbing stairs to get to the downtown area.
        It would really be better if you had the logistics of where your relatives are willing to travel so that you can get better recommendations.

        1. Here's a good chart of handicapped accessible stations on the commuter rail:

          If are going further than Salem, the line splits off, and trains go alternately to Newburyport or Rockport. I just checked the MBTA website,and even though it's a holiday, trains will be running on a regular schedule.

          Here's a CH link for faves on the North Shore:

          Some may be closed on Mondays(62 Wharf in Salem.
          )5 Corners in Marblehead gets consistent raves, and is open on Mondays according to their website.

          1. Thanks to all for the feedback, and esp. the list of handicapped-accessible stations!
            I'm going to try to get them to come into Boston, esp. if the game starts at 11. We shall see...