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Apr 6, 2013 12:34 PM

caterer west of Boston?

parkslopemama 20 minutes ago
caterers west of Boston?

Does anyone know of a good caterer in the suburbs west of Boston? I'm trying to plan a 50th birthday party for my sister who lives in Sherborn. She wants to have a small-ish dinner party, with a dozen of her best girlfriends, so we're also wondering if any fancy restaurants nearby could deliver dinner for 12, even if they don't do "catering" per se. Any ideas or leads would be greatly appreciated!

(Sis in NYC)

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  1. Season to Taste is great both for food and service, contact them to see if they deliver to Sherborn.

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      Thank you for the lead, cassis. I just saw the December 2012 thread re: Season to Taste....

      Someone else recommended Baker's Best of Newton, but Season to Taste sounds much better!

    2. Check out Jules Catering in Somerville. I know they would travel to Sherborn.