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Apr 6, 2013 12:26 PM

Restaurant Week 2013

Where is everyone planning to go for restaurant week? Are there good deals or is it not that big of a deal? I know last year we were advised to go to Uchiko for happy hour instead of restaurant week b/c the deals were better. What are your thoughts?

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  1. disappointed so far. many of the former values are gone and although places are participating you don't get the VALUE that you used to.

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    1. re: amykragan

      Agreed. Nothing caught my eye as anything special. Seems I can go and pick about the same for about the same (maybe a tad more expensive, but given the value issue...)

      1. re: amykragan

        Last time around, I added up the cost of the components on one of the dinners we did, and it actually would have been LESS to order off the menu. Needless to say, we did.

      2. I'm disappointed that Hudson's on the Bend isn't participating this round. Was going to take my sister there for a nice dinner.

        Am thinking that the Russian restaurant might be fun. Maybe with a side of caviar. Otherwise, I might use it as an opportunity to finally dine at the Driskill Grill.

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        1. re: verily

          Hudson's does group on and other deals all the time you can probably eat cheaper using those than restaurant weeks.

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            I have been wanting to try the Driskill Grill also, but the menu didn't look as exciting as it has in the past.

            1. re: ksfoodiewannabe

              Just go during Happy Hour. The food rocks. Unfortunately the dishes change all the time.

            2. re: verily

              I wound up hitting The Driskill Grill and Russian House (sort of).

              Driskill Grill was good, but not great as a whole. The appetizers were underwhelming. However, the grouper was really delicious, well presented, and perfectly cooked. I got the baked pear dessert because I wasn't in the mood for chocolate and it was pretty meh and uninspired. I could have easily made that at home, and my work cafeteria puts out far superior desserts on a daily basis for $4 or less.

              Went to Russian House last night but wound up not ordering off the ARW menu. In fact, they didn't give it to us to begin with and after looking over the menu, we decided we wanted the other options more. They were putting their most expensive items (outside of caviar anything) on the ARW menu to make it meet that $37. I pieced together a tasty 3 course meal and a shot of infused vodka for $35 before taxes.

              The free vodka, radish, and sauerkraut w/ brown bread amuse bouche was pretty nice and we both really liked the sauerkraut. It was sour, but not especially so and very crisp.

              I feel a little odd about leaving a review here just because I have no frame of reference for the food I ordered (borscht and a turkic stew) but found them both to be quite tasty to me. The borscht was cold and refreshing with a healthy dollop of sour cream and had none of that dirt taste I generally dislike about beets. The stew was a heavy mix of tender meat and pickles in a tomato base. Probably better for a chilly night tonight, but it hit the spot. The blinis w/ nutella that I ordered for dessert were very good, but nutella anything makes me happy.

              I got the elderflower and orange vodka. Very sweet and filled with pulp. They serve just a shot glass full of it for $6, but I managed to savor it during the entire meal (I'll save the heavy drinking for the bar portion some time).

              1. re: verily

                I'm so glad to hear that about Russian House I hadn't really heard anything about it on the boards so I was wondering. Kind of disappointing about Driskill though, I was wanting to go there and we ended up staying up north and dining at Cru, now I'm glad we did, I had a very satisfying meal for a good price.

            3. Restaurant week has totally jumped the shark...

              1. went to foreign and domestic. it was good but not great. i didn't care for the dessert. i realy dug the goat cheese on toast app and my girlfriend's scallops were good. first time eating a proper meal there, but i've been to the bake sale before. i might prefer eating off the menu since the burger seemed to be very popular, as were the popovers, which are awesome.