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Apr 6, 2013 12:16 PM

Need a vendor of Great Meat!

Disgusted with tasteless supermarket steaks, chops and roasts; somewhere in this US there gotta be a vendor (or several) who sells choice and/or prime beef, cut to order, that is raised properly, little or no steroids and such in the feed; and delicious; and ships. Must be one for pork and lamb too. Recommendations, please!

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  1. In St. Louis, Mo. a family owned 4 store chain named Straub's. It has been around since 1901. They carry Prime beef and Berkshire pork and will ship anywhere in the U.S. They also have a website. I highly recommend this store as an excellent source for high end meats.


      If you can't find a retailer that carries their product you can order it. They have beef, pork, and lamb.

      1. Try, a small family-run outfit in California. I have tried all the major online sites, and while Lobel or Allen Bros. or KC Steaks are good, Flannery is best and has great prices.

        1. Heartbrand Beef ( in Yokum, TX is
          the main supplier for Akaushi Beef in the US. Give their site
          a look. I've bought from them and the beef is excellent. Ex-
          pensive, but delicious. If you live near San Antonio, TX, there is a market (Greenfields at Stone Oak & Huebner) which has the beef for sale in their retail store. I have bought beef from LaCense, an outfit in Montana, I think that is grass fed and hormone free. The last I got was not up to their usual standards, so I've been looking for another source
          Loustine Cattle Co. on my list to try, but haven't gotten to them yet. Good luck with your search. Being a die-hard carnivore, I love a good sirloin strip steak, but they are getting harder and harder to find.

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            Thank you, Hounds! Amazinc, I'll be driving in to San Antonio from my Kerrville home next week, and will hit Greenfields. Steakman, I am very impressed with the Flannery site; rob and brandon too: I intend to do a taste test of the four vendors (Straub, Niman, Flannery and Heartbrand/Akaushi); may the best steak win! I grew up cutting meat in my father's gourmet butcher shop; you can fool me with poor broccoli, but when it comes to beef/pork/lamb my taste buds are set on Prime.

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              I also gave up on LaCense beef. Just not up to par. Give a look to the two purveyors I recommend in my other post in this thread. If you're a beef lover (and who isn't?), I suspect you'll love the Charolaise beef. I use the tallow from it as "butter" on baked potatoes. Beefy goodness!

            2. Paradise Meats ships. They are suppliers for chefs interested in heritage breeds and sustanability. We are lucky to be close but I have included a link about their shipping.