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Apr 6, 2013 11:06 AM

Boiling maple sap debate

The inlaws showed up yesterday as I was boiling maple sap on a propane burner outside. They started to warn me about not boiling it indoors because it would make my walls sticky and that I would have to wash them as they had to do many years ago. I've been making maple syrup for decades as well, and always finish boiling inside. My parents have always boiled it inside and vented the steam outside. Other than some extra humidity, we've never had sticky walls. I've always been under the impression of basic science that when a solution, like sap, is boiled, only water evaporates, leaving the solutes behind, the maple sugar. I couldn't convince them of this. Am I missing something here?

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  1. The sugars definitely don't evaporate, but is there maybe some fine splatter/spray from the boiling process that could theoretically collect on the walls? I'm thinking something akin to going for a walk on the beach and feeling salt in your hair from the fine sea spray. Although I boil sugar syrups on my stove all the time, and never have to swab down the walls, so I don't know why maple sap would be any different, aside from the sheer amount of time involved.

    1. I have managed to get tomato sauce on the ceiling.

      Perhaps the IL had the same experience.