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Apr 6, 2013 11:04 AM

Antepliler tomorrow - is it worth going to Green Lanes when I'm near the Upper St one?

I live a 20-min walk south of Antepliler on Upper St. I've never been to Green Lanes & wouldn't mind going up there - I love sweet tahini rolls and here you can get some up there - but I'm looking for a Turkish place for a couple of friends who live near me and wondering if the Haringey branch is that much better/cheaper than Upper St that I can justify making them meet me up there. Any thoughts? Hala is another option - that way they won't even know there's one in Islington! Thanks!

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  1. Never been to the upper st branch so can't compare, but going to green lanes is a bit of an experience - it has a very different vibe to the rest of London and feels really Turkish - so in my view is worth a visit.

    I returned to hala a few weeks back. I think they brush the meat drippings over their bread, and it tastes absolutely phenomenal.

    1. I think it's worth the trek up to the green lanes branch. It's a little cheaper, you get free tea and salad (as much as you want) and just has a proper Turkish vibe which you don't get on upper st. We were there last night and were the only non-Turks in the place, yet it was still welcoming and friendly. Our favourite place in town and they bring you fresh Baklava from there shop next door. Then you can explore the bakery just up the road too...

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        1. one way or the other, you'll go to both eventually so i wouldn't stress out.

          i go to the upper street branch regularly on a slow day from work. the egg dishes are particularly moreish, with my favourites being menemen (strangely off the menu recently) and eggs with sujuk.

          as you live south of upper street, consider checking fora out one of these days.

          1. I've been to both and don't think the Upper Street branch really compares, overall. I'd make the trek...

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              Thanks, everyone, for your advice. The 3 of us ended up going up to Green Lanes yesterday. Antepliler was empty, and Hala was buzzing, so we decided to go there and had a fantastic meal. I realized that I liked the idea of Hala because I'd been to a restaurant of the same name in Istanbul on a major shopping street, İstiklâl Caddesi, and had delicious gozleme (crepes) manti (meat dumplings in yogurt sauce). The gozleme (we had potato) and manti at Green Lanes (it's a specialty there) were excellent, the latter especially - tangy yogurt sauce with a light topping of chili oil and well-seasoned, tender dumplings. For a starter we had the mezze selection 1 (humus, tarama, Şakşuka, which unlike Israeli versions I've had, didn't have eggs - it was eggplant and zucchini and pepper in tomato sauce, served cold, and a potatoey salad, although I realized later it was supposed to come with a spinach dip). We also ordered one of the stews they had on - eggplant stuffed with lamb. It turned out to be mince, and I prefer stewed lamb, so I would have tried the lamb & beans had I known but it was still very tasty; the eggplant had a lovely velvety texture and the lamb was flavorful & not gristly. It was served with chickpea rice and a tomatoey bulgur. Bread and a basic salad were complimentary. Sadly the lahmacun (lamb pizza) wasn't ready yet. I saw people eating pide, which looked good too. Service was extremely friendly and attentive and we were served complimentary tea and a filo pastry. It was only £10 each and we took some manti home - it's a large serving. I would definitely go back to Hala but want to try Antepliler next time for some grilled meat as well as some of the places mentioned in the Evening Standard article (thanks for that) like Devran and Flame. I got a sweet tahini roll from Yasar Halim bakery across from Iceland and some baklava from Antepliler - haven't tried them yet. I'm very excited to have finally made the trip - it's only 40 minutes on the bus for me - and plan to go back my next free Sunday. I am skeptical of Upper St places and have never had a good meal there outside of Ottolenghi, but if I have a craving for Turkish eggs nearby it's good to know Antepliler does that well. Strangely enough, their website ( only seems to mention their Upper St branch. I had a menemem recently at Modern Pantry I wasn't thrilled with - it tasted raw. Lastly, Howler, thanks - I saw your post on Fora & would have tried it yesterday but it's closed Sundays. Will try the kebabs at Fora soon. Thanks, all!