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Apr 6, 2013 10:36 AM

Where to buy Shun Knives in Montreal?

I'd like to get a feel of those knives but can't find any shop that has some in Montreal. Can you help?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. sorry can t help but maybe a call to this store on laurier can give you a lead

      L’Émouleur, 1081 Laurier Ave.

      W., near Querbes St., 514-

      813-3135. The website: www.



      or maybe also check with www.williams-sonoma.ca
      store in Laval

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      1. re: mangoannie

        Correct website for L'Emouleur is, http://couteauxmontreal.com/index.html or http://www.montrealknife.com in English.

        Really good guy, very welcoming and passionate.

        1. Despres Laporte in Laval has them.

          L'Émouleur as described by mangoannie will have knives that are superior to the Shuns (some are priced better than the Shuns).

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          1. re: wattacetti

            Despres Laporte does indeed have a nice selection. Try the Global knives while you're there.

            I've never been to L'émouleur.

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              Thanks for the Despres Laporte lead.

              L'Émouleur only have authentic japanese knives from 400 $, not my range for now. However you have to go there just to have a look at this amazing knives collection, they are beautiful.

            2. Just passed by Stark & Whyte in Brossard. They have Shun Premier series sale at 20% off. FYI