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Apr 6, 2013 08:51 AM

Who has a great Sunday Brunch in OC????

It seems like Sunday Buffet Brunches are far and few in OC..
Where does everyone like to go? We love Taps...but looking for
another one to try!

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    1. They have an awesome buffet champagne brunch at the Waterfront Hilton in Huntington Beach. Not cheap but very good selection and high quality food. You can sit inside or out. They have a firepit and heaters if it is chilly. Very pleasant experience.

      1. We love Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel.

        The service, the food, the environment and the view.
        It's the only one I've been to in Orange County but I can't imagine one any nicer.

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          Unfortunately they don't do their buffet brunch any longer (maybe for special occasions like Easter or Christmas possibly). They do a "plated" brunch where you get to select from groupings of different items for a starter, a main and a dessert (if I'm recalling exactly how that works), but not a buffet. I believe the price is now $69 for adults, plus tax and tip.