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Apr 6, 2013 08:28 AM

Vinegar Soaked Tomatoes

When I was young my aunt used to make these fabulous vinegar soaked tomatoes. I would love to learn how to do it, but my aunt is no longer avaiable to ask (lost touch). All I remember is that there would be a big bowl in the fridge with white vinegar and quartered tomatoes (red) in it. She would let them soak for a few hours to overnight. I know there were other things (veggies) and I'm sure it wasn't straight vinegar, but that's all I can remember. Does anyone know this recipe?

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  1. try reading this topic post

    were they green/or red?

    I don't think it was only vinegar-

    1. What part of the country was she from? Any particular ethnic heritage that may have been the basis of her cooking methods?

      In the South tomatoes, cucumbers and white onion are often combined in a marinated salad. Oil is mixed with the vinegar and herbs may be added.

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      1. I am guessing your aunt used vinegar, water, sugar and/or salt, and maybe a touch of oil. Onions and cucumbers are common additions. Seasoned rice wine vinegar gives a good flavor to these types of salads. You can use bottled Italian dressing for a quick and dirty variation.

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          Do you know the amounts of each to use?

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            The amounts are going to be to taste according to how sweet, sour, and salty you like it. I usually toss the vegetables in enough mirin to cover and sometimes add a few drops of olive oil. The mirin is already seasoned with sugar and salt.

            I love Christy Jordan. Her recipe might be a good starting point. She uses equal parts white vinegar, water, and sugar. Some people boil the dressing before adding the vegetables.: