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Cuisinart Food Processor--which model?

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After reading a bunch of threads on the food processor topic, I'm ready to go ahead and buy a Cuisinart. Hoping to spend $150 or less. Which would you recommend?


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  1. I did a bunch of research and then bought the model they had at Costco because I was there and the price was fine.

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    1. re: escondido123

      I was also considering the one at Costco. Are you pleased with it? Thanks!

      1. re: noya

        I am happy with what I bought, though the reason I bought it was because it was at Costco. That was two years ago and odds are it is a different one.

    2. I was set to buy the current Costco model last week (11-cup), but started to poke around the web and discovered that Sam's Club had a 9-cup model on closeout, for $50. Had to go across town, as only one of the local Sam's had it, but it was too good a deal to pass up. I checked a few random metro zipcodes on their site, and depending on where you are, you might find a store that still has it in stock.

      The differences between this and the Costco model are as follows:
      9 cup vs 11 cup
      single speed vs multiple
      no blade storage vs included holder
      plastic dough blade vs metal
      white plastic vs stainless finish body

      Sure, I would have preferred the Costco model, but really --
      $50 vs $150? Assuming you're a member, of course.

      It's my first full-size food processor, so I don't have much to compare to, but it works great so far.

      1. thank you all for your responses!

        1. My old Hamiliton Beach food processor finally bit the dust and I am looking for a replacement.

          I like simple food processors so the natural replacement is the Cuisinart DLC-8SBC. Does anyone have any feedback about this model.

          Thanks in advance.

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            That is the one I have... in white. Not much to say about it, works great for me. I make pestos/sauces in it, grate cheese and vegetables.... I'm sure it can do a lot more but I haven't tried much beyond what I've done already. I too like that there aren't a lot of buttons and things, very simple and easy to use.

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              Julie, one of the things I've always liked using my Cuisinart for is making tart doughs, both sweet and savory.

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                Thanks Jay. I don't do a ton of baking these days but I know I wanted to try it next to make some kind of dough.

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                  That is what I do with mine. I've never used it for yeasted doughs, but a FP is great way to make pie/tart crust and biscotti dough.

                  I also use it to chop nuts and to make hummus and pesto.

            2. The Cuisinart DLC-10S food processor is under $100 on some online stores. There are a lot of Hamilton beach food processors at Walmart that are well below $150. They are like around the $50 range.

              1. I have a Prep 11 Plus (DLC-2011CHB) and I really hate it.

                1) First and foremost are the damn safety features. The machine will not run without the plunger placed in the feed tube. The feed tube is really wide which seems awesome until you realize that you can have Wide food, but not Tall food. So to slice a simple potato, you have to cut it in half, or even thirds, which kind of defeats the purpose.
                2) This isn't scientific, but it just doesn't work very well. I often make a simple salsa and it comes out kind of mushy. A friend has a 7 cup model and my eyes lit up when I made it because it's how it's supposed to be, nice and chopped, not liquefied. Unfortunately, I think 7 cups is too small for a food processor.

                My next food processor is going to be a Kitchen Aid. Haven't used one before, but Cuisinart is dead to me.
                I've had the Cuisinart for about 4 years.

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                1. re: blackpippi

                  I hate that one, too. A friend has one, and if I need a FP at her house, where I cook fairly often, I use her old Hamilton Beach.

                  Overdesigned pos.

                  1. re: Jay F

                    My last FP was a Braun that isn't made anymore. It wasn't stylish, it was loud, it didn't have much "power", but it worked perfectly.

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                      I still use the the bowl, blades, etc. from my first Cuisinart, which I bought in 1978, plus some from that era that were a gift from someone who never used hers (incl. a really nice, sharp knife blade). My base is probably the second one made. My original died around ten years ago, after being worked to death. I really used it a lot.

                      One thing I especially hate in the post-197? models are the two- and three-piece lids, which prevent the base from turning on if they're not locked together right.

                      I know they had to do it for safety's sake because of the larger feed tube, but I hardly use the feed tube, so I've held on to my original bowls and lids.

                      Yay, old Cuisinarts.

                      1. re: Jay F

                        I don't know why the feed tube is so wide. Not once have I been grateful for this. I think they would be better off with a taller narrower tube.