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Apr 6, 2013 05:58 AM

Weekend in Rome. Feedback and ideas for Sunday dining much appreciated!

My husband and I are leaving for Rome in one week, so I should start making our reservations very soon. These are my ideas based on other threads, reviews and apps, but I'd love your input!

We're arriving too late for lunch, so any suggestions of a place in the Centro Storico where we can get a bite to eat while sightseeing would be much appreciated.


This is tricky! The first half of the day we'll probably visit Trastevere and the Ghetto, then we'll go to Capitol, Forum and Collosseum after lunch (or the other way round)


Dinner: We're looking for a restaurant in an area were it's nice to do an evening walk and easy to find a pre/post-dinner drink.... help? Monti, Trastevere, Ghetto..?

Morning snack: PIZZARIUM or ROMEO A ROMA


no time for dinner

Would love some ideas and feedback! We love informal places with a nice atmosphere and great food (budget to mid range)

Thank you!

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  1. Saturday: Snack: Lo Zozzone, Via Del Teatro Pace 32. Almost a standard choice by now, but their pizze/sandwiches have an excellent quantity/quality/value quotient.

    Dinner: I'd avoid Roscioli. Was not impressed, quality only reasonable, better options exist. What's your priorities for this? Proximity to Campo de Fiori? Relative informality? Price? Type of food served? I have various possible replacements in mind but need some parameters.

    Sunday: Lunch: Also don't overlook Le Mani In Pasta, (Via dei Genovesi 37) since you're going to be in Trastevere. Superb pasta, especially the seafood ones. Nice secondi too. Atmosphere almost a cliche it's so nice. Friendly service.

    Dinner: I like to do evening walks around the area just west of Piazza Navona, but that's because I like action, crowds, and life. And for a quintessential Roman experience go to Da Francesco; easily recognisable by the huge crowds invariably outside waiting for a table. Atmospheric piazza, great pizze, friendly locals. You do have to be prepared to wait about an hour for a table though. Pre/post dinner drinks will be trivial; you could stumble into almost anywhere there (though beware, there are a LOT of tourist traps around here)

    Monday: Morning: Absolutely do NOT miss, and you could go either Sunday or Monday, Cristalli di Zucchero for cornetti. Quite simply the best in Rome, or possibly anywhere. The crema is awe-inspiring. I have a work colleague whose flat is almost adjacent to the one on Via di Val Tellina, 114, which is far out of the centre (take the #8 tram), but don't fear, there's also one much more centrally placed on Via di San Teodoro, next to Santa Maria in Cosmedin (and the Bocca della Verita). And there's something so nice about doing breakfast the Roman way. The coffee, by the way, is almost as good as the cornetti, although for coffee the place to go is Caffe Sant' Eustachio near the Pantheon.

    Lunch: Don't forget that lunch is the main meal of the day in Italy. It's worth finding one of the really traditional sit-down restaurants and having a really good, classic Roman meal, if you're in to that. One of the "usual suspects" - Armando al Pantheon - is a very reliable and excellent choice.

    And finally once you're in the Pantheon area generally, the warren of streets just to the north hold the strongest concentration of good ice-cream shops in Rome. Giolitti, Grom, and San Crispino are all within a few paces. (There are several others there as well of good quality). My personal favourite is the old institution, Giolitti, (and yes, in spite of being out of fashion, the ice cream is still very good indeed) but you have to be prepared for the fact that getting your ice cream is something akin to a blood sport. The others are more relaxed.

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      Thank you for your suggestions! Sorry to hear you did non enjoy Roscioli, as I've heard great things about it. We'll be going to the wine tasting with dinner, as we wanted to do a wine tasting during our trip. Might be very touristy, but it sounds good.

      I might swap lunch at Palatium for Armando al Pantheon, as I've always wanted to go there (unfortunately closed on Sunday)

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        I'm here just this weekend, and I have gone with Roscioli Saturday night, and Taverna dei Fori Imperiali Sunday night.
        Will let you know my thoughts.

    2. You can spend an entire evening in the Monti neighborhood. Start with a glass of wine at Fafiuche or Vino al Vino and have dinner Taverna Fori Imperiale or Taverna Romana.

      via della Madonna dei Monti 28
      via della Madonna dei Monti 80 http://www.latavernadeiforiimperiali....

      Al Vino al Vino - Via dei Serpenti 19
      L’Asino D’Oro - Via del Boschetto, 73 

      Cafe 2Periodico - Via Leonina, 77 cute spot to sit and have a drink or coffee

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      1. re: gmcguireinrome

        Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately both restaurants are closed on Sunday.

        1. re: tiram

          ah apologies...was suggesting more for the area than the day. I was not clear. Taverna Fiori Imperiale is open on Sundays.

      2. For the day you get in, you can stop by either Roscioli bakery or the Campo de Fiori bakery for pizza.

        I'm not a huge fan of Roscioli this days. I too have been hearing not so good reports.

        Sunday lunch at Taverna dei Fori Imperiali would be a good choice near the Forum. If you want to stay in the Ghetto area, I am a fan of Gigetto (others aren't) but I think their carciofi are excellent. La Gensola is excellent, but almost entirely fish.

        Palatium is ok. But I've never loved the atmosphere. In that neighborhood , which is kind of fun, is the Pastificcio on Via della Croce. A pasta store that sells plates of pasta at lunch time. A bit rough and tumble, but a fun experience.

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          One clarification, worth mentioning: Roscioli, the bakery, and Roscioli, the wine bar/deli are not the same places (although I seem to remember they are under the same management). The wine bar is on Via dei Giubbonari, 21, basically the main street into Campo de Fiori. The bakery is on Via dei Chiavari, 34, a side street not far away. So one can't be missed (wine bar/deli) the other (bakery) is easily missed unless you know exactly where it is. Just so you're not confused.

          With the bakery, as with the wine bar, I think there are better, in particular as mentioned Forno Campo de Fiori. The Forno itself has 2 different places, on opposite sides of the street in Campo de Fiori. One is the classic bakery, with a wide variety of (really excellent, pick one up!) breads. The other is the pizza bar, basically doing pizza al taglio; you tell them what type (bianco, rosso) you want, the amount (in grams), they give you a slice as specified. However the Forno is shut in the afternoon 'till about 5. I don't know what time you're arriving, but that might be a bit late if you eat dinner early. Then again, I think "when in Rome..." applies - think about dinner sometime around 9 or 10-ish in the evening.