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Apr 6, 2013 05:56 AM

Good new restaurants in Alllston/Brighton?

I'm driving to Boston today to buy kumiss and wondering if there are any good new restaurants in the Allston/Brighton area -- ethnic dives, with more than one veggie option.

Anyone have suggestions?

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I haven't lived in Allston-Brighton but I've been there many times. I know what was available as of about six months ago, but was wondering if there was anything newer than that and worth trying.

      1. re: BlakeGumprecht

        Not that new, but newish that I like: Kaju Tofu House (specializing in Korean spicy soft-tofu soup); Thai North (cuisine of Chiang Mai, if you order exclusively from the specials board); Lone Star Taco Bar (border food); Darbar (Pakistani / North Indian).

    2. Allston-Brighton is filled with good ethnic restaurants. Have you lived there? Do you eat there frequently? If not, there are plenty of good places to hit up that would be new to you even if not new to the neighborhood.