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Apr 6, 2013 05:17 AM

Do you sous vide? What is your experience?

I have been using a sous vide bath for about a year and a half. It is quite a shock to my cooking intuition, as it is so much a very different way to cook from what I have done for decades. As I get used to it, I find that the product is invariably of highest quality, and I can see where there can be uniform quality. I am surprised that on CH there seem to be only a small number of us who use SV, and many who do not understand what it is, nor how widespread its use in restaurants. I have cooked for decades, taken classes at the local L’Academie, made molecular, and find that SV is a truly different way to cook whereas so many other trends are gimmicks (clear skinned globes of lemonade still taste like lemonade) but SV also changes the way meats are seasoned, flavors distribute differently and cooked textures different from other techniques.

What are you other SV’ers finding?

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  1. I gave it a try for a while. For me the method sort of took the challenge out of cooking. It felt like I was sitting behind the wheel of one of those cars that park themselves.

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      Yes, there is a bit of chemistry set feel to looking up numbers in a chart.

    2. I do it with a temp controller($100) and an old crock pot. So far, have prepared steak, pork chops, chicken, and a few poached eggs. It may be a bit "gimmicky", but everything so far has turned out very well. I know of no other method of cooking that will turn out such a perfectly cooked steak. See photo.

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        Just a question, do you sear that steak before the sous vide?

      2. Maybe this is frowned upon on Chowhound, but as someone who visits both this site and eGullet, eGullet is a much better site if you want to talk to people who use SV or learn about SV. As you've mentioned, sous vide has a pretty weak presence on this site (but not on eGullet).