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Apr 6, 2013 05:11 AM

Wilmington with Man's best friend

Will be staying in Topsail, but would like to take a day trip to Wilmington. Any recommendations for outdoor dining that will allow a well behaved dog along? Also if anyone in the area can speak about the dining in and around Topsail, that would be greatly appreciated. Not much in the past about that area, the restaurant scene is not as active as my town of Asheville.

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  1. I haven't been, but this place in Topsail sounds pretty good:

    1. Not being a dog owner, I just realized Wilmington is not very dog friendly on the restaurant front. Brasserie du Soleil has outdoor seating and pretty good food, but I'm not positive they are ok with dogs outside (certainly not inside). If they are, I would give them a thumbs up. It's a routine lunch stop for us in Wilmington. Seafood crepes, sliders, roast chicken, fries, good baguette, build your own salad and decent drinks make for a good meal.

      1. Beach Shop Grill is our go-to place down there as we always stay a couple of blocks away. I may have posted something about it last year. The fish tacos at lunch are particularly good. Recommended.