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Jul 9, 2001 05:59 PM

Favorite breakfast joint in TX?

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I love eating a good breakfast and curious to see if others know of some good spots!!
My absolute favorite is Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, TX. We are always in line by 8 am to get a seat, earlier on the weekends. The waitress even remembers us and will say hi!! I recommend a stack of pancakes w/ a side of grits, my personal preference, but of course everything is good. And you better not leave with out a pie, preferably pecan, but they are the first to run out.
Oh, too bad we only get up there a few times a year!!

So where is your favorite place to eat a goooood breakfast???

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  1. It's in Austin and it's called the Frisco Shop. I started eating there when I was five; it was great then and better now. Biscuits with sausage gravy and a couple of eggs, you'll be in great shape for the rest of the day. My parents still go for "eggs decorated," two sunnysides with chili over the top.

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      chuck kirkpatrick

      Greg, Frisco on Burnet near Koenig? I lived in Austin for about 8 years and never got there. I considered it many times, but never went.

      1. re: chuck kirkpatrick

        The same. The one and only. The last vestige of the once mighty Night Hawk Steakhouses. Harry Akin founded the Night Hawks and Frisco was his diner. A nephew of Harry's now runs the place.

        Honestly, these are the best biscuits I've ever had, something I can admit to only because Mom doesn't frequent this site. I'm absolutely addicted to the Frisco Burger, the cole slaw and of course, the ice box pies.

        Be sure to sit in the "old section" on the left as you enter. The area on the right is the "new section," added in the 60's, I believe. Insisting on this gives the waitresses a kick. Especially if you're under 40. Of course, there's no difference between the two sections, other than the age.

        1. re: Greg Spence

          Cisco's off of east 6th has perhaps the best migas that I've ever had. They are only open for breakfast and lunch.

          The Omelettry off of Burnet is also good but I haven't been there in at least 2 years... The pancakes at Kerbey Lane are good too. I think that I finished a full stack once. I love their buttermilk and blueberry ones...


      2. re: Greg Spence

        It's across the street from the HEB grocery store just south of the intersection of Burnet (BUR-net not bur-NET) and Koenig Lane. Don't forget the Chocolate Icebox Pie.

        Also, Cisco's in East Austin is where the legislator folks go; and for a "Mescun" breakfast; Las Manitas downtown.

      3. I've always been partial to El Sol y La Luna on South Congress in Austin. The huevos con chorizo and a few cups of coffee will take care of even the meanest hangover. The place has been 'popular' on and off over the years but the waitstaff is friendly and the food has been pretty decent year in and year out. (Healthy folks can always go for an omlette and an agua fresca.)